Review of Asus A7S333

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Review of Asus A7S333

Postby axi0n » Wed Jul 03, 2002 3:54 pm

I know there was a review of a comparable ECS SIS 745 chipset mobo done recently... But I am curious to see how the ASUS model A7S333 holds up and performs in light of its more flexible options for OC'ing and other useability features...

Please, Please, Please.. I have looked all over.. Founds tonnes of people selling them (and cheap).. I have found a lot of people using Asus marketing material as pseudo reviews but nothing concrete or specific.

I also heard someone somewhere mention there might be a problem using an ATI 8500 based vid card with a SIS 745 based chipset.. I would also like to be able to confirm or deny this before I make any decisions...

Thanks in Advance,

Postby Tolemac » Thu Jul 25, 2002 6:52 pm

Still no reviews of that board. Wonder what Asus is trying to hide. :roll:
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