Help building a cheap pc

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Help building a cheap pc

Postby lyzar » Wed May 15, 2002 8:03 am

My mother who is the most computer illiterate person on the planet (remember those jokes about people using the CD-Rom for a cup holder?) Well she wants a computer for cheap that can surf the web and can do simple word processing.

I figure a Celeron system is the best way to go but I have no clue what a good but inexpensive Celeron motherboard would be - Anyone know of any inexpensive but good Celeron boards - no over clocking needs just simple computer that works maybe video and sound on board something like that.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated

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Postby Tolemac » Wed May 15, 2002 11:54 am

I'd recommend the Asus TUSL2-C. It has everything except on-board video. A very good board that is stable and affordable at $82.00 at Essential Computers

Check it out, and let me know what you think! 8)
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Postby Happen » Wed May 15, 2002 2:36 pm

Have you thought about going to a auction place like and getting an off lease computer. My father wanted a paperweight oops, I mean computer and I found an off lease 233mmx for a 125 dollars. it came with everything but a monitor and a sound card. it saved me alot of headaches and as i predicted it became a huge paperweight.
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Postby Pechorin » Fri May 17, 2002 11:56 am

A Celeron system somewhere between 500-850 mhz can be built for pretty cheap. Also, I would consider looking at Duron based systems as you can get a more powerful processor for less cash when compared to the Celerons.

As far as motherboards go, your probably looking for something that runs SDRAM opposed to the more expensive DDR.

I used to have an Abit SL6 that supports Celerons up to 1 ghz. A quick search on says they can be gotten for around $70 shipped. The Asus TUSL-C is also a fine board. Both have onboard video and sound. The Asus IDE controller runs at ATA100 while the Abit is at ATA66.

However, I have gotten several good boards off Ebay in the $30-50 range, shipped. My latest was a Gigabyte 7dx-c for my brother that supports his Duron 1.0 nicely as well as DDR ram--for $35 shipped. If you know what your looking for and don't mind a 30 day warranty, an auction might be an option.
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