Rules for the Overclockers Anonymous Forum:

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Rules for the Overclockers Anonymous Forum:

Postby Tolemac » Tue May 14, 2002 10:28 am

Be sure to read the General Posting Rules.

Rules for the Overclockers Anonymous Forum:

1. This is the place for overclocking questions about any part of the system, not just the CPU. Also, you can ask about how to supe up that rig of yours for maximum performance. Unless you have a specific overclocking problem or performance question, all other questions need to be posted in the appropriate forums.

2. Stay on topic! We want to hear those CPU fans whine, not you! No flaming or rudeness. If you have a suggestion, be polite about your responses and give good advice.

3. Please check your spelling! We have a preview area for the posts, and I encourage everyone to use it. It just makes it easier to answer the questions if we can actually read them. :wink:
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