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Postby atang1 » Wed Mar 26, 2003 3:07 pm

You can always try Yahoo.s DSL equivalent data compression with an extra 32mb memory. Cable modem is ethernet but on wavelength division multiplxer that I helped design. I was a stockholder of Antex, and wrote the suggestion on their annual vote card. they were told to license from Nortec. So, cable modem does not slow down as much as DSL, which uses the same telephone jack and wires, just shotgun technology.

On AOL and other denial of service, the first trick we did was having Yahoo news refresh every minute. So, they don't cut you off thinking, you walked away from the computer. Now, the trick is to get your ISP to fix their defective modems that slow down your connections. I used to have to do that with Earthlink after I quit AOL because of overcharging rates. With Gis.net, a local being subcontractor to v90.com national ISP, the denial of service gets pretty bad on the second computer, from 6am to 6pm peak hours. I can only get 16800 to 24000. Off peak, I can get the 50k from my ISA Rockwell Kflex perfectly. So don't blame on dial up modem. ISPs play trick on you but you have to have your own war strategy.

Have fun, dialups are ok, believe you, me. Cables and DSL wait for data to begin slower. Dialups wait for data to finish trasfer slower. In the end, the graphics took too long getting html links from several servers. On file download, dialups suffered, but using time share, who cares.

Good luck on your ISP whoever they might be that you have to fight to get service.


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