Replacing a Noisy Volcano 7 Fan

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Replacing a Noisy Volcano 7 Fan

Postby Aibohphobia » Thu May 30, 2002 10:47 pm

Was wondering if anybody has done this, as I cannot stand the loud freaking fan at 5,000RPM, and that's what it gets up to after a few minutes, since I put the sensor in the hs. Will a good case fan be any less loud? And what is a good quiet just regular case fan to put around my case??
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Postby Tolemac » Fri May 31, 2002 3:46 pm

Complain, complain! :roll:

Get yourself an Enermax UC-8FAB adjustable speed fan. It will fit on the Volcano 7 and you will then have full control over how much noise it produces. :wink:
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A Volcano 7 is a CPU cooler.

Postby elpcmaster » Fri Jun 07, 2002 3:38 pm

A Volcano 7 is a CPU cooler, not a case fan.
I suggest you keep the Volcano 7.
It does a good job o cooling, that is why it is so noisy.
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Postby Wyrm73 » Sat Jun 08, 2002 9:42 pm

I prefer the noise my Volcano makes to the silence of a fried CPU anyday. :D
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Postby cangove » Sun Jun 09, 2002 1:58 pm

I say get rid of the volcano altogather. I have a Volcano 7 (the 7+ is a different design so mayhave different results), and the heatsink part isn't worth a damn. As a test I ran it in the same system head-to-head with a Speeze SuperRock cooler. First System Specs:

Giga-Byte 7VRXP Mobo
AMD Althlon XP 2000+
PNY Veto GeForce 3 Card
1 92 mm case fan in back (49 cfm)
1 80 mm case fan in front (29 cfm)
Mother Board Monitor 5.0 was used to gather the results.

Test 1: Right out of Box. Thermal pad scraped off, artic silver 3 applied)

Volcano Idle: CPU: 49c Case: 41c
Speeze Idle: CPU: 52c Case: 42c

Volcano Load: CPU: 52c Case: 43
Speeze Load: CPU: 55c Case: 44c

Results: Volcano cools ~3 c better. But.... it has a load 80 mm 5000 rpm fan running at full blast (thermal sensor doen't ever kick in on the system due to the high temps) pumping 53cfm air. The sppeze on the other hand is quiet running a 70mm at ~4000 rpm pumping 26.3 cfm. Leads into test 2:

Test 2: Volcano with an 80mm fan running at 2500 rpm, pumping 28.8 cfm to compare to the standard speeze, to show results of heatsink only.

Volcano Idle: CPU: 52c Case: 43C
Speeze Idle: CPU: 52c Case: 42c

Volcano Load: CPU: 58c Case: 45c
Speeze Load: CPU: 55c Case: 44c

Results: So here even though the Volcano is still pumping more air its running hotter. The next test goes further and is dangerous unless you are watching the system.

Test 3: 0 -60 with NO fan. Thats right both heatsinks with no fan turned on. Beign that this test is dangerous I timed the heatsinks from a 30 minute power off rest (32 C in both cases) to 62 C where I turned if off for the power to save the CPU. This test was run without operating system using only the BIOS monitor:

Volcano: 45 sec
Speeze: 1 min 25 sec

Result: The Speeze heatsink portion is FAR superior in that it took almost twice as quick to get to the 62 degrees, the only thing that gets the Volcano 7 better results is the load powerful fan.

So overall it seems that the Speeze is better, and I would consider this heatsink near the bottom in performance for an XP system, which means the Volcanp heatsink is even lower..... on a bright note forThermaltake their fans seem to be good (although do not believe the numbers on their website seem to be inflated)....... Anybody have better results? Does the Volcano 7+ have better results since it does have the copper plug like the 7 does ( I suspect this is the flaw in the design).

Disclaimer: All results contained herin were specific test cases on my machine. Results may vary from system to sytem and these should not be solely used to make purchasing decisions.
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