problems with ASUS P5WD2 and Q-fan?

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problems with ASUS P5WD2 and Q-fan?

Postby ljwobker » Tue Jun 20, 2006 9:38 pm

The idea behind Q-fan sounds very cool... lower the fan speed when the system isn't busy, crank it up when it IS busy... BUT:

I've got an arctic cooler freezer 7 pro fan, which supposedly has full support for throttled fan operation (4-pin, not 3-pin connector, etc). I have it clipped to a Pentium D 805 on an ASUS P5WD2-premium mobo.

So far, each time I've configured *either* the AI Quiet *or* the Q-fan technology in the BIOS, the system has lowered the fan speed to 600 RPM or so but will NOT speed it up as the CPU temp rises. First time it got to 65C before I could get it disabled again and the fan blowing.

Does anyone know if this is expected behavior, or is there some way to make this actually work correctly? My system isn't particularly loud as it is, but I'd really like a way to throttle the fan usage to uber-quiet when I'm working (email/web only) and let it roar as I rip DVDs all night...

thoughts? any info that I didn't include?
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Postby MrCraigCraig » Sat Jun 24, 2006 6:26 pm

I've built two systems using ASUS K8N motherboards and two AMD CPU's (both socket 754, one a Sempron 3100+ and the other an Athlon64 3000+).

I tried using the Q-fan options, but I wasn't satisfied with their performance. (Or, more precisely, how they interfered with performance.) Ditto for AMD's "Cool & Quiet" software.

After the experiment, I decided to just let all the fans operate at their default speeds. No muss, no fuss, and no heat issues. Both Q-Fan and "Cool & Quiet" are either disabled or not installed on my computers.

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Postby tedybear » Sat Jun 24, 2006 8:38 pm

Check to see what the "holding" temp of the CPU is set at in the bios programing. When I was doing testing with mine? I set the bios to hold and maintain the CPU temp at 40c.

The fan did only 500rpm-600rpm until it kicked up to 45c...At that point? The fan kicked up in 'steps' until the temp was held at 40-41c..

I believe it's a bios adjustment first..and the monitor program via windows second. If the bios is not set to maintain/hold the CPU temp? It may not function correctly within the windows program.

I found it to be a bit of a pain-and noise is not a problem as my computer sits in my home office folding away while I'm working/sleeping/etc.. So I just disabled it and cranked the HSF to max. (holds the CPU temp under 40c even on a super hot humid day....all while folding full speed ahead)

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