Which Radiator to buy or make my own?

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Which Radiator to buy or make my own?

Postby oil_injected » Thu Jun 01, 2006 12:08 am

Hello everyone, and thanks ahead of time for your help. Motherboards.org has always been my saving grace when it comes to computer help and guidance.

Having said that, the computer in my sig was a budget build last year. I have been pretty happy with the preformance so far.

Receintly i have started gaming more on my PC and less on my PS2. I have run into some cooling issues in doing so. i have added 2 more fans to the case but, the case is a pretty lightweight and cheap. And i am getting tired of hearing the rattles and other noises associated with high rpm fans.

So, I have decided to switch to a Water Cooled set up. On the cheap of course, lol. These are the componants i have so far...

Danger Den MAZE4 water block $46 shipped

Via Aqua 1300 Aquarium Water Pump $26 shipped

Now i am looking for a cheap radiator. I am not over clocking or anything, so i dont need anything too agresive. I was thinking of someting with a single 120mm fan. I was thinking of mounting it in the bottom of my case. so i will need something small. I have read that the chevy chevette heater core is popular for its small size, 8" x 8". And that the pontiac bonneville core is a good choice for a 2 fan set up. Does anyone have any other ideas?

thanks again.
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Postby Twisty » Thu Jan 18, 2007 11:30 am

Looks like nobody ever replied to this, how did you get on?

I would have suggested that you mounted the radiator at the top of your case, you you could vent the warm air out of the top, and if possible ducted air from outside the case to the radiator intake.
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