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Postby Aibohphobia » Fri May 24, 2002 11:07 pm

A cool case is a happy case. And when a CPU is in a happy environment it usually becomes happy, and cool too.
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Postby andrey » Sat May 25, 2002 12:21 pm

in that case, the question is, 200 bucks for an AC, or 200 bucks for a koolance?

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Postby ThEvil0nE » Sat May 25, 2002 10:13 pm

For starts, Intel CPUs run cooler yeilding less heat. AMD CPUs (Athlon, XP) run hotter which yeilds more than average heat (HOT). What you really want here is a well ventilated case (air intake sucking in the cooler air and a vent sucking and blowing out the hot/warm air out).

As we all know, heat rises so coller temp stay below and above that is the warmer air. It's just right to say that your intake fan should reside on the bottom/lower part of the case and the vent fan higher or better still, install an a dditional vent fan on top of your case in addition to the standard vent fan behin the case. Propper fan placement/location should not be taken for granted. Poorly fan rigged case can cause a vaccumm effect and this we don't want to happen ( this is just what I have read on some basic issues about "propper case ventilation").

There you have it, the making of a cooler case environment. Spending 100.00 to 140.00 on a well built, well ventilated and well power supplied case would be not that bad but more rewarding.

On your budget of 200.00 on home AC and 200.00 on the case, I'd say "still buy the AC but keep it to cool your room or living room and you still have about 60.00 left for some vodka and such :lol:

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