Solutions to my crash problems?

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Solutions to my crash problems?

Postby Graymane » Thu Jul 11, 2002 2:17 pm

I have an ASUS-A7V motherboard with KT133 chipset. My CPU is an Athlon T-bird 950. I have an SB Live! and GEForce 2 Pro cards. I have a 400 watt power supply. I have a generic heatsink and fan. I installed no extra fans in the case and the case is a smallish mid-tower.

I use this computer mainly for playing games and I have been having all kinds of problem with random lockups after running the computer for an hour or two. I am thinking that my computer is overheating or something. I've taken the side panels off the case to see if that helps the air circulation and I download the MB5 program today to check the temperatures.

One sensor is at 36c and the the other is at 57c when idling for about 5 minutes. Is this too hot? Before I go out and buy a new case and more fans, I was wondering if these random lockups are the result of an overheated system?

Postby Porphyria » Thu Jul 11, 2002 3:14 pm

Ouch! 57C is most likely your CPU temperature. I have no doubt this is why your computer is locking up. The max temperature for the AMD processors is 55C UNDER LOAD. I would start with some Artic Silver 3 thermal paste and a new heatsink. The Volcano 7+ is a very good hsf combo. It runs about 30 dollars at [url][/url] and it is one of the best heatsink/fans. Once you get these, check your temps and see if they improve.
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Postby Tolemac » Fri Jul 12, 2002 10:27 am

Welcome to the Mother Board!

You also need to have two case fans going. One in the lower front of the case pulling cool air into the case, and one in the upper back of the case right below the PSU blowing hot air out of the case. This will keep the interior of the case cooler and will help your current HSF work better.

As Porphyria said, getting a better HSF (like the Volcano 7+) and Arctic Silver III will decrease the temps dramatically.

Just so that you know, 55*C is MY limit for the AMD CPUs. The actual limit is betweeen 85* and 95*C depending on which AMD you have. My reasoning for not wanting the CPU temps to go above 55*C at load is that running the CPU above that temp for extended periods of time will decrease the life of the CPU by quite a lot. 8)
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