Enermax dual-fans

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Enermax dual-fans

Postby amddude » Wed Jul 10, 2002 11:01 pm

i just got the enermax 350W (FMA version) PSU. With my case it would only fit the 1 way -> intake fan down. Is this the correct way? at the back the labels etc. r upside down.........
i know this is a dumb q -> but hopefully some1 can help.
also ......... my case has spots 4 two fans underneath the psu and i at the front - i was thinking the two back ones as exhaust and the front as intake -> is this good or should i try another setup?
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Postby ThEvil0nE » Thu Jul 11, 2002 10:07 am

Don't mind the sticker. Be sure that the fan is facing down not facing up(that's an intake fan) 8)

About the 2+2 fan, it's a good idea :idea:
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Postby Tolemac » Fri Jul 12, 2002 10:14 am

Welcome to the Mother Board!

You have the PSU in the right spot.

You're idea about the case fans is right on the money! That's exactly how you do it. 8)
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