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video card cooling

Postby theslinky » Tue Jul 09, 2002 9:43 am


What is a good fan for video card cooling? I have a geforce2 gts and i want to overclock it to 233/400. I think the default it's at is 200/333.

Also, are there any programs that will detect and display the current frequencies of the gfx card? I have a feeling my card is overclocked because it feels unusually hot. I have yet to install a temperature sensor on it. Are all brands of video card w/ the same chipset have the same frequencies? Can any vendor just boost up the frequencies?

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Postby charibdis » Tue Jul 09, 2002 10:31 am

I don't know about the core speeds of your card but I do know that the stock MX was 175/166, and I think the MX400 was 200/166.

You could put a Thermaltake Crystal Orb HSF on there very easily (it's designed for the GeForce cards) and you'd probably get much better cooling. I had a Tt Blue Orb on my Geforce2MX (before I upgraded) with the card oc'd from the stock 175MHz core to 235MHz the card ran cool to the touch, even ran the ram at 195MHz.

The Crystal Orb has a better design and should dissipate heat better than the Blue Orb or stock cooler. Another cooler is the Vantec IceberQ take a good look at the Crystal Orb first though. All the reviews I've seen have put it ahead of the IceberQ. I'd like to give a shot to the Zalman Heatsinks too. (no fans attached to them, however they do have to be used in conjunction with a fan bracket.)

I'd like the second one for the clearance but I don't think they're available in Canada. I know some places in the use sell them though.

I think your best bet is the Crystal Orb cooler. May want to get Ramsinks too. have some good ones supposedly.

I want to get a crystal orb and the RAMsinks Rev 4 from tweakmonster for my Radeon card. Although for a brief period I was tempted to do the mod i saw on the web and put a chrome orb cooler (socket 462 HSF) That would be interesting but I'd lose 2 PCI slots!!
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