Can some one help me with cooling issues

CPU Cooling tricks and techniques.

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Can some one help me with cooling issues

Postby hiddenfox » Tue Jul 02, 2002 5:09 pm

I plan on building a computer with a noblesse case from, athlon xp 2100, and a soyo dragon ultra plat. mobo. Which fans do i need to buy?
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Postby Tolemac » Tue Jul 02, 2002 6:00 pm

If you mean a CPU HSF, then I only recommend the Thermaltake Volcano 7+ unless you have the money to buy a Swiftech MCX462.
The V7+ is all copper with a three speed fan switch and the MCX462 has a very thick copper base with helicoid pins made of high quality aluminum inserted into the base. The MCX462 is the best HSF out there but it's not cheap. Base alone goes for $55.00 and with fan goes for between $65.00 to $80.00. The V7+ can be had for $26.00 and up to $45.00 depending on where you buy it. 8)
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