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Postby wolverineman85 » Sun Jun 30, 2002 3:34 pm

What is a good 80mm fan to get? I would like a quieter one, since I will be putting several in my case. Also, on the door, should i put in 2 80mm fans, or would putting a 90mm or 120mm fan be better? One last question, are the fans that hook into the PCI slots alright? Or are they better to just skip over and stick to the normal case fans? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanx.
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Postby cangove » Sun Jun 30, 2002 4:50 pm

If the fans are for exhaust I recommend the Antec SmartFan. It comes in 80mm, 92mm, or 120mm versionhs. It has a pretty good cfm and is quiet, and adjusts its speed to the heat of the air. For this reason vairiable speed fans don't work well on the intake (the outside air is usually cool).

As for your entire system it depend son the temps. You may not need all the fans you are putting in. Maybe start with a 120mm exhaust and a 92mm intake (or 80mm if there is no room for a 92mm) Then see what the case temps are. Then if needed keep adding more. The PCI slot fans are good if you need exhaust near them, I have oine right next to my CPU that removes some extra heat from there. Also you may want to put it next to your video card if its hot there.
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