Rules for the Cooling Tips and Tricks Forum:

CPU Cooling tricks and techniques.

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Rules for the Cooling Tips and Tricks Forum:

Postby Tolemac » Tue May 14, 2002 10:32 am

Be sure to read the General Posting Rules.

Rules for the Cooling Tips and Tricks Forum:

1. Only posts regarding cooling will be allowed. All other questions need to go in the appropriate forum.

2. Stay on topic! We're talking cooling here and nothing else, so chill!

3. This is the only other forum outside of the Recommendations Forum where you can ask for recommendations on heatsinks and other cooling hardware.

4. Got a heatsink/fan that you love? Has that new water cooling kit amazed you? Did you get that T-Bird down below 65°F? We want to know about it! Give us a mini review! Be specific about your specs and your temps. Post a pic of Motherboard Monitor 5 showing how well you did. 8)

5. Please check your spelling! We have a preview area for the posts, and I encourage everyone to use it. It just makes it easier to answer the questions if we can actually read them. :wink:
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