MBM5 LAST version! ***UPDATE!! MBM5.3.7.0 now available!***

CPU Cooling tricks and techniques.

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Post by Tolemac »

While Alex may no longer be updating MBM, there is still a new version out that if you don't already have, you should get. MBM can be found here.

It will probably be the last one. I want to personally thank Alex for a great program that I have used with excellent success for quite a few years now. Good luck in whatever you do! 8)
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Post by Ryn »

at least the give something for the road, gonna download it later :wink:
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Post by Empyre »

I have CORE center for my MSI board...its pretty much the same thing but would MBM serve me better?
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Post by zachig »

I really like MBM and I've used the 5.3.7 version on my old EPOX 8RDA3+ NF2 board, but currently I own an EVGA NF4-SLI board and too bad that MBM doesn't support it :( .

I think that MBM is the best Temps/Voltages monitoring program, too bad I can't use it now.

Anybody knows any other similar program that will work on my EVGA NF4 mobo (exept SpeedFan which I'm already using...)? :?
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