Can't boot after installing Volcano 7+

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Can't boot after installing Volcano 7+

Postby aleman » Sun Jun 16, 2002 5:55 am

After lurking in this group for about a month, I decided to push the boat out and get one of those Volcano 7+ coolers that everyone seems to be so keen on. I fitted it, but I cannot get my machine to boot up. My system seems to get stuck just before the POST. I was wondering if there was an issue with my motherboard and the V7+. The m/board is an ECS K7S5A.

Then I read at the thermaltake web site FAQ, about the cpu fan sensor on some m/boards, and the fact that it might not notice that there is a fan on the system without this sensor, and I thought that this could be the problem, because the header on the m/board is not being used, and yet there is a sensor wire provided with the V7+ setup. It's strange because the fan is flying around like a good un, just that there is no activity from the computer. I have since removed the fan but not put everything back in the case yet. (I was testing everything, one thing at a time, just in case it could be anything else) I'm using my second computer to write this query.

I have another question, there is one yellow wire with a white plug leading off the fan and there is another yellow wire with a brown plug leading off the speed control. What is the wire with the brown plug for and where does it go?

Can anyone help, please? Thank you in advance.
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Postby ChicoMarx » Sun Jun 16, 2002 12:23 pm

Easy one first. The plug with the 2 wires (red and black) is power and the one with the single wire (yellow) is for rpm sensor. These have to go on separate headers on the mobo. I have a Soltek SL-75DRV5 with 5 fan headers and the V7+ works great. Plug the power wire into a regular header and the sensor wire into a header that senses fan speed. On the DRV5, these are very specific headers for this as the BIOS has a lot of features to sense temps and fan speeds.

I don't know your motherboard but here is a similar incident I had with the DRV5. I set the V7+ up and plugged the power (via an adapter) into the PS and the sensor into the closest fan header. Then I booted the system and went into the BIOS. There, I activated the board's ability to shut the system down if the HSF fell below a certain speed. I rebooted and the system immediately shut down. Tried this a few times with the same result. Cleared the CMOS on the board (remember to disconnect the PS when you do this) and the system booted fine.

THEN I read the DRV5 manual. Duh! Seems that you had to have the fan power plugged into the FAN1 header and the fan sensor plugged into the FAN2 header. Anything else and the BIOS, with the shutdown capability activated, would sense a fan speed of zero and shut the system down. Followed the instructions and haven't had a problem since. I would check your mobo manual to see what could be going on. Else, clear the CMOS via jumper for 30 seconds and start over. The V7+ is top of the line if you don't go H2O.

If you want more help on hooking up the switch, just reply here. I threw the switch out and used the switch on a TT HardCano 3 right on the front panel. You just have to know how to plug everything in correctly.
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