1st computer.. need HELP !!

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1st computer.. need HELP !!

Postby burton062 » Thu Jun 13, 2002 9:09 am

Ok.. here we go..

I just built my first computer..

Athon XP 1800
Asus A7S333 Motherboard
256 megs ram
a mid tower case w/ 1 intake fan 1 exast
and i have a "keeping them cooler is our business" cpu fan
( http://www.allstarcomponents.com/cooling.html ) it is the 2nd row center

Here is my problem.. my temps are
Idle: CPU-43/44C
MB -34/35C

And when i get into a good game of SOF2 my temps go to
CPU-47C but somtimes even 48

After that my computer freezes.. i REALLY need help.. I don't know what to do and don't want to damage my computer. Agian this is my 1st built computer and don't really know.
One thing i do know is that i forgot to install the copper shim for the cpu, i don't know if that will make a big difference, but i am having a hell of a time trying to get the fan off the cpu w/o smashing the cpu.. Anyone have any ideas that could lower these temps

*note that i did use artic silver stuff on the processor

Thanks agian
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Postby andrey » Thu Jun 13, 2002 10:02 am

those temps are good, I doubt they are causing your lockups.
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That's hot for an XP

Postby charibdis » Thu Jun 13, 2002 10:10 am

My guess is that your Heatsink and CPU fan aren't rated for the Athlon XP1800. Are you 100% sure the temperature is being reported properly? Those are high ennough temps for an Athlon XP, especially if it's supposed to be cooled properly.

My TBird runs at the temperatures you're saying there and mine is stable. (it's even OC'd) I know it's not easy to take off, I have a hard time taking mine off and the clip is well designed compared to others that I've seen.

If you know the model name or number of your heatsink and fan and also the manufacturer you should be able to find out from the manufacturer if that model is rated for the XP1800
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Postby bennettsweb » Thu Jun 13, 2002 9:27 pm

I get my XP 1800 up to 55C at full load and no lockups. That's on a A7V266-E. I would say to take a look at your chipset and even video chip for high temps -- just feel them after being sure you're grounded.

I know that all the Asus Via boards have very good temp monitoring so as long as you're using a good cpu fan those temps should be accurate. I don't kow the exact board you have though, the different chipset could be different, but I doubt it.

Also look for softwear probs. Run a cpu burner program or seti (http://setiathome.berkeley.edu/) and see if you get the same lockups. These programs work only your cpu and won't lockup unless you have some hardwear probs.

I don't use shims, they will protect your cpu but they can interfear w/cooling.

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Postby len444 » Sun Jun 16, 2002 9:20 am

:arrow: :idea: :!: :?: time to diagnose system/ redo drivers [ask more questions (do search engine queries for questions as well= due diligence) for anything that come to mind= learning- we all are!]?!?;

might want to check device manger for question marked items (open highlight and remove)- reinstall correct drivers;

might be an irq conflict;

memory settings might be too aggressive (set cas to match memory)

make certain vid card is agp in bios, aperature is 64 max (2x memory or 64 as max- new high end vid cards can be set higher though);

:arrow: :?: :!: :?: what os are you using?

[might want to redo drivers- start>run> type in regedit<enter> open hkey_local_machine, highlight enum right click and delete> shut down computer> do a min install of floppy, cd-rom, vid card, memory, hdd, and of course cpu and hsf> clear cmos> boot up computer and get right into bios (delete key or other as per bios of mb), and reset time, date and other setting to match cpu agp, memory, be certain to disable usb, on bd sound, lan, (basically anything that is beyond min. install)- select save and exit> load latest drivers of mb, vid card, cd-rom, ect... then test machine , look in device manager for complete install, shut system down, then enable each item in bios for on bd items,-save/ exit, and load drivers, check device manager, and be certain functioning ok-= i found a difficult install was finally solved by actually enabling/ instally pci card for 1 item at a time load it's driver, test/ check/ verify for correct operation, then shut down, and install next item (on bd, pci card, cdr/w, ect...), load it's driver- verify install- repeat for one item at a time- this usually helps contain a difficult item for immediate id for problems/ conflicts (verses installing a bunch of items, and getting question marks in bios/ irq conflict/ ect..., and wonder what is going on)];

bench mark system, and some helpful diagnostics/ tips/ warnings- for fine tuning (sisoft sandra standard2002):

pc build , and vid card install guides:
http://www.motherboards.org/articlesd/h ... 924_1.html
http://www.motherboards.org/articlesd/h ... 168_1.html

:arrow: :!: :!: add more case fans if possible- orientate w/ front in and out at rear (upper rear of case)
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