Case ventilation question

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Case ventilation question

Postby mik8531 » Wed Jun 05, 2002 1:13 pm

:? Well, I finally have my case and fans but now the backplane seems to lack a spot for an 80mm fan. It has space for a 60 as well as a pop-top 80. If anyone wishes to see the case, it's the X-wing available from regardless, I've got one 80mm intake on the front, an 80mm exhaust in the pop top and the PSU exhaust fan. I have another 80mm that can go somewhere but I am not certain where and which direction. Both 80mm's are the Thermaltake smartfan which can be viewed/purchased at I'm thinking I don't want another exhaust fan since I've already got 2 exhausting and only 1 intake. Seems to me another exhaust would cause that whole vacuum thing to occur.
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Postby Scotty23 » Fri Jun 07, 2002 1:15 pm

All you want to remember is you want the same amount of air in Cfm (cubic feet per minute) leaving your system as you want that much coming in.

Imagine a tunneling effect of air and you'll have a good system.

A system with this effect and lower airflow will be better than a system with just a bunch of fans blowing hot air around without any rhyme or reason.

Best possible solution is usually a fan intake near the lower front of your case then an exhaust out the back.

I am going to do just the opposite with mine since my computer backs up to an air conditioning vent and put an intake near the back and put a bayfreezer near the front which will hopefully work well.
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