Temp. problems

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Temp. problems

Postby LoganADC » Tue Apr 14, 2009 1:16 pm

I hope that I have posted this in the correct area.

Ive been having some bizare problems with my CPU's temperature, hope some one here can help. heres what happened...

I took the tower apart to clean all the dust off. I removed the cooling fan/heatsink asymbly, cleaned it, and then re-installed it. I used Arctic Silver 5 for thermal compound. I put everything back together and when I started it i got a warning saying my computer was overheating, so i took it apart agian, cleaned the greese off and re applied (i followed the instructions on the artic silver website to the t.) I put everuthing back together and when I pushed the start button I heard a series of beeps ( high pitch low pitch) then the computer would power down after only 15 seconds. A bit of research about beep codes revealed that this series of beeps indicated a high CPU tempurature, or a damaged CPU. after taking apart and reasymbling the computer agian I was able to get it to start, but still got a warning message about running too hot. I theorized that the CPU is not damaged because it would start and run windows, just ran too hot. I had to go away for the weekend and didnt fuss with it for 6 days...

upon returning home I took the fan/heatsink off agian, cleaned the contact surface and realpied the arctic silver 5. Now, the computer will start just fine, gets up to about 174 F during start up, then cools to 135 F after 2-3 min. minor taskes like opening internet explore will raise the temp. to about 165. heavy tasks like rendering CGI in 3ds max, or playing a game will spike the temp up to 174 F. as soon as i stop all applications and let the computer sit the temp drops to 135 F in less then a minute.

I have yet to see tempatures higher then 174 F and while i compose this post it is at 133 F. All fans are working, and spinning the correct direction. I have 4 fans 1) on the side of the case that draws air in 2) attached to the heat sink on the CPU 3) on the back of the casw towards the top that blows air out of the back of the case 4) and a fan for the power supply unit that draws air in.

System zone 1 and 2 idle at 83 F and rise to 90 F when running the most demanding applications, this is well with in their operating temps.

I have a Intel D915PCY motherboard and a P4 3.4GHz processor. everything is about 5 years old except the ram which i replaced a year ago and the GPU which i replaced 2 years ago.

I'm trying to give all the information i can think of to help any one trouble shoot my problem.

thanks for reading this post and any help would be appreciated greatly.

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