fans vs h20 vs pelter

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fans vs h20 vs pelter

Postby kelceylehrich » Mon Jun 03, 2002 8:14 am

i want 2 build my won PC and i want it cold.
so should i go safe and use lots of fans? or go exotic with h20 cooling and/or a peltier????

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Postby Aibohphobia » Mon Jun 03, 2002 3:33 pm

It all depends on how much you wanna spend. You can get a complete h2o cooled koolance case for a little under 400 dollars--or build one yourself if you can? But normally only real overclockers would do such thing. To keep your case cool enough all you need is 2 or 4 chassis fans in the right positions. I have no clue of what a peltier is, so I can't say if that's good or not; but unless you want to overclock major, I'd stick with regular old chassis fans.
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Postby jeffa469 » Sat Jun 08, 2002 6:53 pm

Petiers are really cool, but the heat has to be transfered to somewhere. Combining a Petier device with water cooling could allow some Major overclocking. I haven't seen this done before, but it shouldn't be that hard to design from scratch. For those who don't know, a Peltier device is a solid state juntion that tranfers heat from one side to the other when a voltage is applied. You see see them used in cheap coolers that plug into your cigarette lighters, but why not on CPUs too?
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Postby Wyrm73 » Sat Jun 08, 2002 9:17 pm

Does anyone have a good link to learn more about peltiers? I was in an electronics store and I mentioned to the salesman that I was looking into overclocking and he tried to sell me one. I knew nothing about them, so I respectfully declined. Now he has my curiosity going and I want to learn more.
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Postby cangove » Sat Jun 08, 2002 10:24 pm

The short answer is Peltier is refering to the "Pelier Effect" discovered in 1834. The trick is that if you have 2 conductive plates put toagther and run a current through them. When this happens one plate drawsheat from the other. Reverse the current the opposite plate draws the heat. Doing this can draw more heat than a normal heatsink, and do so more efficiently. The drawback is at extremes the cool side may be so cool as to draw condensation out of the air, so you need to be careful and not crank it too high (controlle by current to the device).

So the application would be to use this in a heatsink to draw the heat out quickly.... however, watch out for that water condensation. Kind of interesting something as old as this tech and companies are just now using them in computers.... guess they're a little slow. Anyhow I found these 2 links that might be helpful:
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Postby andrey » Sat Jun 08, 2002 11:01 pm

correction on the Koolance system:

you CAN get it as cheap as 200 bucks (180 for the midsize case, and 20 or so for the CPU cooler)

Getting the full size case costs 250, plus the CPU cooler (depending on which one you choose) comes out to 270-275 or so, and if you want to add a video card cooler, northbridge cooler, Harddrive cooler, price obviously goes up.
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