Is 58c at full whack a good temp?

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Postby bmaverick » Thu May 08, 2008 3:35 pm

Under full load and F@H 58C is slightly high. Remember that the first generation of HT is on that chip. It may show up as a dual core in task-manager.

Don't push the voltage on that CPU. The higher speed Northwoods are known to burn up quickly. Just bump the FSB.

My dad's Northwood P4c 3.06Ghz with Hyperthreading first ran 61C until he put a ThermalTake Big Typhoon on it. If the temps went higher than 61C, the blue screen of death showed up.

That Big Typhoon keeps the Northwood at 48C under load OC'ed to 3.2Ghz.

Not bad for a heat-pipe air cooler.
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