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PostPosted: Mon Jan 01, 2007 5:33 pm
by tribaloverkill
Welcome to CASE EVOLUTION. Your probably wondering what Case Evolution is, Well,... just Like Liquid Evolution. Case Evolution is a NEW style,... a NEW look, a NEW type computer. More of an art piece than anything. Being artistic is my main priority. If it's not functional and artistic,... you won't find it in here. In here you will seen some of the craziest and coolest stuff. Everything from whole computers down to the very parts that make up these supreme machines. It's all going to be art.

Just as I do in Liquid Evolution, I will teach you, show YOU*points finger at you* how to make everything in here. I am hoping that soon I will be able to go into greater depth with this. Techniques, work-arounds, etc. This is another priority of mine. So,... here we go!

Just farting around with the paper and pencil. And Eraser. Lots of Eraser.
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 24, 2007 9:13 am
by tribaloverkill
Ok,... cevo. Case evolution. It is pretty much time. First things first. Tools. Machines. I need them to bring cevo to life. I am to make a lsit of S@#$ I need. Some of the stuff I will need will be,... a TIG welder. That is the most important thing I will need. With it I will be able to weld everything together. Create odd shape shells or shields by cutting, welding, banging, grinding, and sanding. I can slealth close cases by welding hidden studs or whatever so the outside is literally bolt free. Sleek and sexy is what I want. Smooooooooooth. I will have to figure out what to do as a finish though. TIG'ing leaves discolored welds. Of course I plan on creating the the smallest, neatest, and most stealthed welds possible. I will need lots of practice. Second,... a bandsaw. I need one of a decent size with a decent amount of HP. one with a blade welder would be nice too. But that usually comes on the really big ones. I cant go that big because there is no room plus they are thousands. I know I will break blades. If I cant find a one with a blade welder then I guess I'll just TIG them to fix them. I'll just buy many blades I guess. I would also like to get a table saw too because that would save me sooooooo much time,... but this S@#$ is expensive so I will think I'll hold off with that unless I find one with a good deal. Whatelse,... I need w good tube bender with all size collars for bending different size tubing. I'm going to dolley's with a dolley stand. Dolley's which I cant remember right off the top of my head whether or not it's spelled with an "e", are used to bang aluminum panels on to form them into different shapes. The stand obviously holds the dolley upright. I'll also need a good size shot bag that usually holds little buck shots. This is used for the same reason,... you bang on it. It helps forms aluminum panels. I'll need special metal fab hammers. They are made of a polymer with different heads for different jobs. whatelse? I'm might have to build or do something to the table I have to protect it form TIG'ing. Dont want to set that table on fire should my project let go and melt. maybe some more vise and clamps. Anything else you guyz think I should get?

OH,... want to welcome Blue_Fusion to the team! He is a MOD. Congrats dude.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2007 8:45 am
by tribaloverkill
So. Hi:) Wow,... we're totally inside my Case Evolution log. Wow. Yea. So I've been planning a HDD cage. I thinking about making 3 right now. All with the same design but each holding a different number of 3.5" HDDs and also having different sized fans of number of fans. These cages will be air cooled. I was thinking about making some non air cooled cages too. Some more plain and simple cages too. But thats something I will do later. For now, air cooled. Where to start!

Layouts! Right now I have 4 cooling layouts, each having at least one scenario. There is one cooling/ scenario missing,... that would be a cage that only holds one HDD with some method of air cooling. I'm not worried about that so thats why it's not here. I want you opinions here. You honest opinions. I have mine, I want to compare to yours *points finger at YOU*. List these by priority. First one being the best and last being ehhh. Might be kind of hard:) Try not to think about whats more effient for cooling. I mean you can but thats not what I looking for right now. Right now it's what can I fit within this amount of space. How many HDD's, how many fans, what size fans etc.


First. I spent a lot of time gathering info. Measurements,... lot of them! Everything I need to know about a typical HDD, optical drive, and the 5.25" bay.

Ok,... here is Cooling #1 with it's one scenario. First let me explain what you are looking at if you haven't already figured it out. The outer most or largest box is the very same size as an optical drive. I have two lines passing through it so I know where center is and the half-way points. One of the boxes inside the optical box looks like it could be a HDD. Thats because it is the HDD. The square,... is a 120mm fan. Everything is to size. Accurate. Now,... the fan is ON TOP of the HDD[s]. The scenario's are basically whats going to be inside of however many 5.25" bays. Understand? In each scenario I specify "Min Spacing" which means "Minimum Spacing" obviously. This refers to the space in between the HDD's. Minimum meaning whatever I specified and some more if I want but not going any smaller then the min. got it?

Cooling #1.
Scenario #1: 3 x Bays, 3 x HDDs with 1/8" Min Spacing, 1 x 120mm Fan.

Fan is mounted above HDD's.

Cooling #2.
Scenario #1: 3 x Bays, 3 x HDDs, 1/8" Min Spacing, 4 x 60mm(25mm) Fans.
Scenario #2: 2 x Bays, 2 x HDDs, 1/8" Min Spacing, 4 x 60mm(15mm) Fans.

Fans are mounted above the HDDs. 25mm thick fans is a typical thickness for a PC fan.

Cooling #3.
Scenario #1: 3 x Bays, 4 x HDDs, 1/8" Min Spacing, 1 x 120mm Fan.
Scenario #2: 3 x Bays, 3 x HDDs, 1/8" Min Spacing, 1 x 120mm Fan.

Fan is mounted to the side.

Cooling #4.
Scenario #1: 3 x Bays, 4 x HDDs, 1/8" Min Spacing, 4 x 60mm(25mm) Fans.
Scenario #2: 3 x Bays, 3 x HDDs, 1/8" Min Spacing, 4 x 60mm(25mm) Fans.
Scenario #3: 2 x Bays, 2 x HDDs, 1/8" Min Spacing, 2 x 60mm(25mm) Fans.

Fans are side mounted.

Now,... this is what I was using to figure out how many HDD's I could get within however many 5.25" bays. This shows you the whole spacing thing. In the pic you see 3 x bays, 4 x HDD's with 1/16" spacing.

3 x Bays, 4 x HDD's with 1/8" spacing. You see the difference? I figure I could squeeze more of whatever into however many bys by carefully spacing the HDD's. Now 1/16" of an inch is pretty damn close. But I am pretty sure it's still doable. I could set up the fans to pull air through those spaces with now problem BUT having an extra 1/16" making it a total of 1/8" is sitting a lot better with me. I dont really gain all that much more but having the spacing only 1/16". I mean I gain space but I cant really doo all that much with the space I gain. So I figured I would just give it to the spacing.

Now dont forget,... there might be a cage for a single drive with like 2 maybe maybe 3, 30mm fans. I dont know how appealing that would be but I figured,... what the hell:) So what you guyz think?