Trying to fix a P180 front panel

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Trying to fix a P180 front panel

Postby gregh » Sun Apr 16, 2006 1:26 pm

I recently moved my system into a Antec P180 case. Shortly after I got the system together, I noticed the blue power LED was flickering. Now it's dead. I swapped the connector for the second HD connector and confirmed that the MB is fine, it's been running the HD LED for several days now with no problem. The power LED is the only one that you can see with the door closed, and my system is so quiet in this case, it's hard to tell if it's on or not!

I've been trying to get Antec to get this fixed, but don't seem to be making any progress. I'm starting to figure that I'll have to fix it myself.

I was wondering if anyone has pulled the front panel off on one of these and has noticed what kind of LEDs they are using. Standard T-1 LEDs, or some sort of special light-pipe thing? It would be nice to have all of the stuff that I'm going to need to fix it before I take the front panel off so I can do it one wack. It looks like a lot of the stuff is just held in there with silicone.

The front panel on this machine is made out of a different, softer plastic than other cases I've messed with. The whole front panel is much more fragile than any other case I've ever owned. I managed to break one of the front panel clips while handling the case during the installation of my system. The sides are also held in place with this same type of plastic. The combination of a heavy interior frame, and a fragile outer skin makes the box tough to handle once it's together.

The case is really quiet, has great airflow, very rigid frame, looks nice, but is fragile. The power LED thing is just my bad luck.

Thanks for the help!
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