Dual PSU Master/Slave Mod.

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Dual PSU Master/Slave Mod.

Postby proletarian » Sat Mar 25, 2006 12:02 pm

I am modding (perhaps not the proper term, as just a bit of dremel work) a slave psu into an ancient Antec Full Tower Case. Was a good deal at a local comp recycler, seperate mb compartment, slide out mb tray 5 bucks.

As it was produced back when things ran cooler, ventilation was horrid, so I pulled out the handy rotary tool, and added two 120mm intakes, 1 on the lower front, one on the side drected to the cpu and gpu, upped the lower 60mm exhausts to 80mm. One of the 120mm is the 119cfm job, that xoxide cautions against connecting to a mb fan controller.

It came as stock with 2 80mm exhausts in the upper compartmet. I am adding another 120mm via the Coolermaster 4 in 3 hd drive cage, and another bottom mount hd cooler for the drive that will be in the lower compartments hd cage.

So tis alot of fans. I am Ugrading to an
EPOX EP-9NDA3+ nForce3 Ultra, AMD 3700+ San Diego,
1 gb Crucial Ballistix pc3200,
EVGA 7800 GS CO Super Clock
will have 2 IDE and 2 SATA
2 opticals
1 floppy.

My Thermaltake 560w Pure Power, has only a single +12v rail at 22amp.
so decided it would be used soley for the mb, gpu and hd's

The InWin 240w flex atx, for the fans opticals and floppy

I fabricated a harness using an atx extension (master PSU connects to mb via this) spliced in leads to the pin 14 and 15 wires, terminating in a 4 pin molex modified to two pin.

For the slave took another atx extension, removed the male end, snipped all lead except 14/15 and 7/8,flush with the back of the female atx, and seeled with silicon as well as the snipped leads on the modified molexes.

Terminated leads 14/15 into a 4 pin molex (modified to 2 pin) and connected the short pin 7/8 leads together.


Tested the slave with 2 different atx psu's externally and it powers on and off with the master flawlessly.

I was modding a rack mount case, where the two psu's would be a foot apart, while rummaging again at the local comp recycler for just the right this and that the tech made an issue about crosstalk tween the psu's possibly eading to data corruption and other issues.

The rackmount mod did not work out. In the Antec FT, the psu's will be just over 4" apart.

I am waiting on sheilding foil to wrap the slave psu in, shield film to be layered with the remaining foil to close the opening tween the psu's, and shielding wire rap for the harness off the slave.

The harnesses of the two psu's will not be run alongside or be bundled together.

Do I have anything to be concerned about? the Cooler Master CM Stacker provides for dual psu's, thermaltake just released a 5.25 dedicated gpu psu, which places the psu nearly as close as they will be in my mod.

Am hoping to hear, I have no worries, and that by allowing myself to be spooked I simply wasted the coin for the shielding material, and if I should be concerned are the preventive measures adequate, or need I do more.

Thanks for you patience, long post...and in advance for any counsel, advice. prole
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