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Cold Cathode and Radeon 8500 DIY ramsinks

PostPosted: Tue Aug 27, 2002 5:00 am
by charibdis
Well I got myself a new case: ... 1146&id=15

The pic isn't quite clear but you can see that the window does pretty much the majority of the side of the case. Now I was wondering, If I want to install a Cold Cathode tube in my case where do I mount it? I know that I could probably mount it on the bottom of the case, but then my cards would probably hinder most of the illumination. The other place I saw that I could install it was near the handle on the side of the case (the one to open the side panel. I'd need the really short 4" tubes, but it could work. Would be a matter of running the cable so that I can actually plug it in. Anyone have any suggestions with regards to this?

Also I'm going to be making my own ramsinks as seen on the following web site:

Now the only problem is I made a boo boo and got the 1/2" couplings instead of the 1/4" couplings. I thought they looked big when I bought them but figured it was just my mind playing tricks on me as i remembered reading that it was 1/2" couplings. There's a little overlap (about 2-3 mm on either side of the ram chips.) I'm not worried about it making contact. Should I go ahead and use the 1/2" couplings or try to return them and get the 1/4" couplings. Chances are I can bend them a little bit to have them fit properly on the card There's only 2 spots where there's capacitors in the way.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 29, 2002 4:59 pm
by Tolemac
Just curious to see how it's coming along. Did you have to get the 1/4" connections after all?

PostPosted: Mon Sep 30, 2002 3:36 am
by charibdis
Well actually I put in a normal length Red CCFL (Sunbeam) I'll most likely add a second one later on. Can't make up my mind on the color. But I'll add it to the top of the case (just under the PSU) there's just ennough room to mount one there. Right now I mounted the ccfl at the bottom of the case Tried to put it so that I'd get maximum illumination without seeing the tube too much. but with the case being on the floor and my being 6'0" it's kinda hard not to see the light, but it's a cool effect anyways.

As for the Ramsinks. I haven't has a chance to get around to it yet. Don't have access to the tools as I live in an apartment. I go down to my parents place about every second weekend. Most of the stuff I need is there. The couplings are a little too large to fit on the chip themselves. My options would be to either bend the couplings once they're cut or go out and buy the 1/4" ones. In theory the larger couplings should turn into a larger heat dissipating area. Just a matter of bending them. ??? Since I don't have the bill I can't return them either! Oh well I'll see if I can make them this coming weekend. A friend of mine offered to let me use his father's tools. Since we're doing a lan party I could do most of the manual labor before we start. (of course they wouldn't be installed.)

Another thing I need to pick is thermal adhesive. Can't make up my mind on if I should use the arctic silver brand epoxy, or if I should use the 2 way tape from 3M. ??? I figure the epoxy would have better heat transfer.

I also wonder if I should try to change the vpu cooler to a Crystal orb?? I don't have the holes on the board though so it would have to be glued on as well. But it should provide better cooling.

PostPosted: Fri Oct 11, 2002 9:03 am
by DasNoob
I was looking at the pics of those ramsinks in place on that radeon board and my little brain sparked... I'm putting a liquid cooler (Iceberg 1) in the new machine I'm building so I've been playing with the water hose and it occured to me that you could route the hose to pass through the half circle "u" groove in the ramsinks. As the water flowed "through" the ramsink it could help to syphon off some of the heat. Depending on how hot the ramsinks got this might work since the cooling system could handle a little extra heat. It's a 1/4" fitting, so it might actually require a much narrower piece of tubing to pass through the "u", but with some T fittings and a little work it could really boost the efficiency of the ramsinks... damn I'm in mad scientist mode now, I can tell.