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Postby Valour » Sat Feb 15, 2003 9:23 pm

In regards to the printer ink cartridges, there is a definite difference in the chemical composition of brand-name ink and off-brand ink. I fixed injet printers for Epson as an authorized technician for three years, and the two most common problems I ran across were clogged printheads due to neglect and lack of maintenance; and irreparable damage done by off-brand ink.

In the first analysis it is a question of solidified ink in the jets, which is solved by two methods: first, soaking the bottom of the printhead in surfynol (a cleaning solution I got from Epson) and then gently forcing some of the solution through with a syringe.

In the second case -- bad ink -- there was no hope for the printhead because the off-brank ink would eat through the spikes on the top of the printhead that would both pierce the cartridge and allow the ink to flow through to the jets. If those spikes break, the capillary action can't work and the ink can't get to the jets. I don't know what the chemical difference in the recipes for inks are, but the Epson ink never did that. Off-brank ink would literally eat through the plastic spikes and when you removed the cartridge it would take the broken spikes with it. New printheads cost almost as much as a new printer and have to be calibrated for each individual printer by using proprietary adjustment software provided by Epson.

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Postby atang1 » Sun Feb 16, 2003 11:08 am

Regarding ink composition for color printers using the bubble principle of piezoelectric heads, they are fairly simple.

The earlier heads uses atmospheric pressure to force the ink to the tiny holes. Then the piezoelectric heads deliver to the paper by expansion and contraction of the hot piezoelectric material.

The common successful inks(saturated solution) are clothing dye which is vegitable dye(food coloring) with salt. And people use tiny amount of glycol(satursted) to slow down the evaporation of water, and lubricate the tiny holes. As you can tell, salt and dye will cake up. But it can be dissolved by hot water. When you wash cloth with hot water, most dyes fad. Cold water wash slow down the fadding. If you use solvent then the plastics will be dissolved. Hot water will also dissolve the caked up ink inside the cartridge if it has been around for some time.

Epson printers are very cute, because they use software to indicate the amount of ink in the cartridge. You can not switch used cartridges. You can only start with new cartridges, for Epson owners.

Having said that, most people now still have to use color ink jet printers everyday to keep it(the ink cartridge) in shape( Some ink jet printers have a wet ink pad the cartridge tiny holes rest on. Most of us, however, prefer to use laser printers, with less fuss and less maintainance. Color laser printers are getting less expensive now, too.

Postby atang1 » Tue Feb 25, 2003 6:19 pm

Since WinME was introduced, technical support became much easier. Restore and special scandisk which can repair and restore the operating system after illegal shut down. Many people still has problem but did not realize that if you have hard disk software problem. You just do a power down illegally, by pushing the power off switch. Or hold down the power switch for ATX ststem for 8 seconds.

Regular scandisk only fix the FAT table, and maybe corrupted data.

The illega shut down and subsequent boot with scandisk will repair the drive software perfectly, by reading the compressed operating system and rebuild the missing or damaged operating system.

Isn't that nice. No more reformat and do a clean installation of your hard disk to waste a lot of valuable time.

If you ever had to install an operating system on a new hard disk, be sure to use Microsoft update to install error report and auto update first. Then when you use the computer on the internet; Microsoft will automatically update all you operating system while your computer has time sharing. And the error report will get you Microsoft fixes specially for your computer

As Microsoft improves more and more, technical support has to use short cuts to keep the computer operating system up to date simply.

Postby atang1 » Sat May 03, 2003 9:33 am

In technical support, prevention of fatal mistake, planning and documentation is way ahead of installation and taking a chance of everything might turned out perfect.

So, when we offer technical support, We have to mention never wear wool clothing when you might touch electronic components. Wool stores static electriciy and might zap the electroniics with 10,000 volts. Air will break down by 10,000 volts, if air distance is half an inch. Always wear all cotton, if you are around computers.

Motherboards are easily bent and copper traces might break if the motherboard is flexed. That might be fatal. Which is either partially damaged functions or totally damaged motherboard..

Cpu and hdd used to be the critical heat problem. Now the chipset and video memory and processors are also heat sensitive. More fans may be needed.

To save grief and extra work, it is alway prudent to test the system on a bench, where you can see all the components easily whether they are seated correctly.

Contact resistance problem where the mating surfaces oxidized and became high resistance contacts; can be easily tested by reseating. If problems persist, Vaseline gel may be needed to coat one of the surfaces.
Or slow down the clock to test if frequency resonance might be the cause of oxidation due to excessive electrical vibration.

Then there is the software compatibility problems of synchronization(timing loops) and bug fixes in bios and driver updates. On the otherhand, updates may spoil the stable system that you had no problems before update. Use updates with care and judgement.

Have we left anything out? Hopefully not.


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