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Re: Rekindling

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ArsonFlayme wrote:Dude... Skreap... You have rekindled my faith in crap computers (and lighter fluid). I have spent 4 hours digging old comps out of my garage. I have two 486 processors, a 120 mhz processor, about 8 motherboards, 4 hard drives that arent more than half a gig in size, and assorted old cards. My next quest is to rebuild a replica of my first computer, an overclocked 486. I am gonna use the cooling fan from the 120 mhz so I can overclock it uber high. Also, I am going to give it around 40 meg of RAM, a 5x7 floppy drive, a regular floppy drive, and a 1x CD-Rom. Also, I will be installing Windows 3.1 on it, and regularly playing Kings Quest and Companions of Xanth. Wish me luck in this endeavor, for I shall need it. I also plan to program my own VGA game for this thing based on my old high school and then I'll send it to them and see what they think.


I forgot to mention that if anyone has any tips, give them to me. I love this idea, but honestly have very little planning and will probably kill myself in the process.


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Well, like Skreap, I am running dangerously low on... Well... Everything, especially cash. Anyway, lets take a poll.

Should my replica comp be ____?

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E: black with blue hibiscis flower designs- hawian themed case sounds like a good idea for some reason
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The best part - the BAG!

(nice creativity, man!)
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You are deep man,

I liked the earlier comment about not knocking someone for having too much free time and not enough cash. Even if working through or living on a stipend from your great aunt's estate, a shortage of cash does not have to prove a great obstacle to anything worth doing.

I once recorded, redubbed, double tracked - everything through an old set of headphones used as a microphone. That's a long time ago now, but was a lot of fun at the time.

I have one question, the implication of a few snob's posting here is that you have been "wasting" time. Skreap, are you? What's your major, media studies, film, fine arts??? I'm guessing this was all graded somehow. Am I right?

If not, and you were just having fun, that is truly awesome. I think an old VCR case might be a good option to mod personally--you know those ones that pop open at the top. Cases are big and spacious enough. Cheap at the Sally Ann ($5?) You could use plastic office tray holders glued with weldbond to support the drives..... CD/DVD RW could pop up at the top to do it's stuff...

Gonna make another computer soon, might try a wacky mod.

I bought a Compaq presario Cyrix 586 at Sally Ann previous to this computer at Value Village. Cost %20, had CD, HDD, Floppy, 32 megs of RAM. Used it for two months after the TFT screen on my laptop quit and I modded the laptop into a piece of plastic opening it up and screwing around.

Wish I still had that presario flat black case after reading this thread...

Keep us posted.
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It never ceases to amaze me how long this thread has lived on. I disappear for over a month and expect to see my thread on page 5 upon my return; but no - it's seems to eternally linger just underneath the "sticky" posts.

I'm glad that everyone gets such a kick out of my "adventure" as it's come to be known as :)

First things first - I have some "fan-mail" to catch up on

tsusiat - I did what I did for 2 reasons: boredom and money. While I make it seem like I just did this on a whim, it was more of a last-resort. I had tried many other things before resorting to building a duct. I realized once I started how rediculous my plan was, so I decided to make it even more rediculous so that I could be proud of it rather than ashamed of it. I'm one semester away from getting a Major in Computer Science, to answer your question, and this was not graded in any way.

Arson Flayme - Good luck; it's always nice to see I can inspire people to do things, even if they are detrimental to their health. Gotta start somewhere, I guess...

Sabrewings - I'm still wating for that e-mail or PM from a Moderator saying they want me to write a weekly article for their main page ;)

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