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Postby intel11 » Wed Jun 11, 2003 11:49 am

CMOS chips can be fully or near fully static, which means that the clock can be slowed up (or even stopped) putting the chip in sleep mode.

could any one explain to me wahts the meaning of the previous.
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Postby atang1 » Wed Jun 11, 2003 3:25 pm

I think, if you think dc amplification then cmos is in static mode.

When you thinkof ac(alternate current) at the clock frquency, then you have ac current amplification. When you stop the clock, you will have trouble sycrohnize with other circuits unless all the clocks are synhcronized.

So, you have to know clock frequencies in multiples to be able to synchronize. Then you can use ATM(asynchronized transfer mode); or wait state to transfer data from fast clocks to slow clocks or the other way around.

Clocked ac frequency is all 1s. So when you pull down the signal to 0s, you have 0s and 1s for digital signal transmission.

This is not a tutorial, just explanation of ac and static operation of transistors. AMD had a 386 cpu that can go static state(preferable at leakage current not current amplified state) to save power consumtion. Used to sell them at $399.00.

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