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IBM archaic modding

Postby evasive » Fri Apr 04, 2003 4:25 pm

putting a PC330-P75 board into a PC330-450DX2 case.

You will need a generic AT power supply scavenged from elsewhere since the original 450DX2 has some sort of proprietary switch circuit.

It fits only just, the power supply is sitting right on top of the power supply connector on the motherboard. You need to extend the original switch pole from the power supply front panel switch. But, for now it is happily purring away.

The reason for this: busted power supply in the PC330-P75, which is also pretty proprietary formfactored. The PC330-450DX2 case will take a standard form factor AT power supply.

Not much of a mod but real fun to do :)
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