This mod is da bomb!

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This mod is da bomb!

Postby Wookie8662 » Fri Feb 28, 2003 3:05 am

People will mod anything to drop a PC into:

This mod here:

Other mods here:
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Postby psyte » Fri Feb 28, 2003 6:26 pm

Our weapons inspectors report that its improved capabilities include MP3 and DivX playback, and that the inner workings have a propensity for turning up in unusual places.


Seriously though, thats a pretty creative mod.
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Postby kisa_444 » Mon Mar 03, 2003 3:08 pm

um. like, thanks. I guess. The bomb is mine. Since I sent pics to mini-itx it has been dropping into different places on its own. I guess I should be flattered. thanks for taking interest. you can see more pics at Image,, and it was on hardocp for a few days. please let me know if you find it anywhere else.
thanks, chris
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Postby Giggz » Wed Mar 05, 2003 6:22 pm

wishes i had it :lol:
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Postby MicrowavedWater » Sat Mar 08, 2003 11:25 pm

Thats pretty neat
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Postby Wookie8662 » Sun Mar 09, 2003 3:43 am

Yes, you should be flattered.
Not everyone gets quite that creative with thier cases, or shells in your case. :wink:

Looks great Kisa.
Do you have anything planned for another case?
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Black Belt 2nd Degree
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Postby Shazbot » Tue Mar 25, 2003 11:40 pm

Cool mod
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Postby Nomad69 » Tue Apr 01, 2003 1:26 am

Welcome the Kisa, gives me an Idea about that old toaster. :lol:
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Postby CDBurner » Wed Apr 09, 2003 12:02 am

Great idea! I really enjoyed reading your article on
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