Pros and Cons on Lian Li PC60 USB Case.

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Pros and Cons on Lian Li PC60 USB Case.

Postby Changeling2go » Mon Jan 13, 2003 4:29 pm

What are the opinions on this case?
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Postby son0rous » Mon Jan 27, 2003 12:01 am

looks like it has pretty good cooling, but if ur looking for a mod case i would look for something a little more pleasing to the eye. but if u just want a regular case it isn't a bad choice.
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Postby Act » Wed Feb 12, 2003 9:47 am

Best case I've used.

Best thing about it (apart from looks) I think is it's capacity - I emptied a full tower's worth of kit into this thing, which is almost half the height. Ventialtion is good, better if you put some higher cfm fans in. The removable m/b panel is a godsend for stripping down, and all drives bar the CDROM's are mounted in racks, again making access a piece of cake.
It's great mod wise. You can get a lot of pre-made kit such as window panel, thermometers & drive coolers. There's also a load of mod examples to follow on various websites.

Apart from the cost (but you get what you pay for), the only things I can fault it on are that the aluminium can dent quite easily. My modem got knocked off of my desk (less than 30cm drop) and put a nice little 'scar' on the top panel.
The only other thing I can think of is that traditional beige (and in a lesser case, black) drives are a little unsightly (if you considder that a prob - I don't). Lian-li sell colour-matched bezel panels but only for a limited range of drives. They also only stick on top of the existing drive cover, so don't replace the buttons & vol dial etc.

There are different versions of the 60 out there - you might not get the type thats on their website. The latest one (I think) now comes with a fan in the top panel as well as USB2 ports & an exposed front fan speed switch.
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