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upgrade Lenovo thinkcenter 71 (1578)
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Author:  maxArch [ Thu Oct 13, 2016 4:18 am ]
Post subject:  upgrade Lenovo thinkcenter 71 (1578)

hello everyone "first I know it an old computer , my principal goal is to start understanding PC modification.make mistake with this machine"

Lenovo ThinkCentre 71 1578 L6F the mother board is
Lenovo motherboard ih61m v1.0 bios 9QKT39A ( I have updated to the late )

I want to upgrade my processor of my think edge with use one

here the list of processors I can put
Intel® Core i3-2100T Processor (3.1 GHz, 3MB Cache)
Intel® Core i5-2500T Processor (2.3GHz, 6MB Cache)
Intel® Core i5-2390T Processor (2.7GHz, 3MB Cache)
Intel® Pentium Processor G850 (2.9 GHz, 3M Cache)
Intel® Pentium Processor G840 (2.8 GHz, 3M Cache)
Intel® Pentium Processor G620 (2.6 GHz, 3M Cache)

I imagine the best one is the Intel® Core i5-2500T Processor
I had a look at eBay to buy this processor. it is rare and only see 1 to buy but there is another Core i5-2500 that is 3.3Ghz

_what is the mining of the letter at the end i5-2500T i5-2500K or i5-2500S

I have read in other forums but can't find back the reference
1-that the recommended specs are made at the time of the release of the machine and are not updated with time with new recommended part, since the tech evolves with time some part can be added to the list.
2- it possible to put more performance processor and under clock it to the max speed of the motherboard ?
Example take the i5-2500K 3.3GHz and under clock it at the speed of the i5-2500T 2.3GHz or i5-2390T2.7GHz if it is possible how we do that.

thanks for any info or link that can help me

Author:  evasive [ Sun Jan 29, 2017 2:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: upgrade Lenovo thinkcenter 71 (1578)

I am seeing several microcode updates listed:

The question is what is in the list for revision 28h for this list: ... &STEPPING=
and what models are included. For that we would need to take apart the bios file and extract the table, see what codes are present.

Some other people are doing this for a different Lenovo computer: ... 19039.html

If I somehow can find time I'll try and disect your bios and retrieve the table.

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