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Postby AmEv » Sat Oct 15, 2011 7:40 pm

I won $500 worth of hardware :eek:

Whoa, whoa, AmEv! you're getting ahead of yourself!

Well, it all started with mister Owen showing the way of the Modder.
Then I decided to update my hardware in my old Micron case. Not a bad idea, but the case was "meh".
Then I saw another Micron case that had "mod me!" written all over it.
For $20, it was a steal.
Then I transfered my Pentium 4 board and other stuff to the case.

*cue 1 year later*

TheGreatSatan from TBCS wrote:I've been looking at some of our member's specs over the last month when I realized that I could make a big difference. If I hold another contest and give away another prize, there's no telling if someone who really needs it gets the prize.

Today, I will award the first prize.

The winner of Satan Claus comes to town for Sept is:


I saw your specs some time ago and that's the reason this has all started.

Your prize may be the best of all. You will receive:

AMD Phenom X2 560 3.3GHz
Gigabyte 78LMT-S2P AM3+
PNY 8GB DDR3-1333
Radeon HD 6850 1GB

Your prize package is worth over $350!

Let's just say, that lifted up a burden.

I have the prize box in my house as I speak.

What about the other $150

Oh. That. Well, I won, and was promised, a laptop cooler 6 months ago. Then the guy got sick, forgot about it. He asks me if I'd rather have a 575W OCZ PSU.

And the last $25 was for an 80GB HDD that my IT teacher gave me because we upgraded a personal machine without realizing it was in there.

I will get the pre-modded pics up as soon as I can.
I'm gonna get my new hardware. And my worklog here.
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