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Guide to Tools For Case Modding
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Author: [ Sat May 21, 2011 4:11 am ]
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A Micrometer is widely used for precise measurement of small distances. I use a Micrometer to measure the thickness in materials like sheet metal or aluminum. You can also use a Micrometer to measure the diameter of a cylindrical shape or sphere.

Types of Micrometers:

Outside micrometer, (aka micrometer caliper), typically used to measure wires, spheres, shafts and blocks[B]

Inside micrometer, used to measure the diameter of holes

Depth micrometer, measures depths of slots and steps.


This is a Starret T436XRL-9 Outside Micrometer from [url=""]Amazon[/url]


This is a Metric "Caliper" style micrometer made by “Draper.” It’s manufactured from hardened stainless steel. Slider displacements are amplified by a rack and pinion mechanism and indicated on the dial. Four way measurement: internal, external, depth and step. Reading 0.02mm. Slider has lockscrew function. Display packed in plastic storage case.

Author: [ Sat May 28, 2011 4:09 am ]
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Greenlee part # 730EBB-120 Last time I inquired, they were around $450 in the states + Large 3/4" socket wrench, and 2" socket. I wouldn't use anything less than 19" long socket wrench. Estimated purchase price of $550 new.

Author: [ Tue Jun 07, 2011 7:37 am ]
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Avoid fraying your PSU cable sleeving ends by using a Heat Cutter for cable sleeving.

Read more information about TechFlex Sleeve Cutting Tools PDF




Author: [ Fri Dec 30, 2011 7:32 am ]
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This would be nice to own. CNC Shark Pro Plus Router, sold for $3,599.99 by ROCKLER


You can use the CNC Shark for carving, cutting, engraving, and etching hard materials that include, aluminum, MDF, wood, pvc, plexiglass, acrylic, and plastic.

You must supply a PC computer with USB 2.0 port and a Bosch Colt router (router sold separately). Simply connect the USB cable to the controller box and the other end to your computer (not compatible with Mac computers). The CNC Shark work table measures 28-1/2” wide by 36” long. The router itself can be moved over a 25” x 25” work path centered on the table. With its open end design work pieces longer than 36” can be placed into the machine, and continuous machining is possible with careful indexing of the workpiece. The table is much improved over the original Shark and Shark Pro in that its made of a blue anodized extruded aluminum channel which allows for great flexibility in clamping down workpieces. CNC Shark does include Vectrix CAM and 3D design software, but you'll want better graphics package like CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator to create advanced artwork.

Author: [ Sat Jul 13, 2013 5:09 am ]
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My friend jesse found these awesome products for Rotary Tools by

Dremel Mill]


Dremel Router table]


Author: [ Fri Nov 28, 2014 4:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Guide to Tools For Case Modding

With Holidays approaching, I started thinking about what Tools I needed and recalled this thread. I always liked the look of the Romaxx CNC Routers after Craig started using one. You can make your own PC case, custom windows and fan or radiator grills.
HS-1, $2,490
Store | Romaxx CNC Router Systems
Travel 12.1" X-Axis - 19.6" Y-Axis - 3" Z-Axis
*Rapids 1200 X-Axis - 1200 Y-Axis - 140 Z-Axis
Cutting Speeds (straight lines) 1200 ipm X-Axis - 1200 ipm Y-Axis -140 ipm Z-Axis
*Cutting Speeds (arcs/curves) 300-400 ipm X-Axis and Y-Axis - 140 ipmZ-Axis
Table 24x14x6
Overall 24x18x22
Largest Workpiece any Length by 14 wide by 4.4 tall
Weight: 105lbs
Voltage: 110 vac or 220 by request

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