Picking AMD or Intel, AND what is Northwood

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Picking AMD or Intel, AND what is Northwood

Postby FiveO51 » Thu Jan 30, 2003 7:35 am

"What is a Northwood P-4 CPU? Is it better for overclocking than reg.P- 4?
I am in the prosess of putting together a nother PC kinda for all round, office work, Games and Music. I know the AMD would be less cost-wise, but I haven't ever built a AMD system. I don't know anything about the overclocking either. I had in mind to go with a IT7 Max 2 Abit, or ASUS P4PE, Motherboard, or what ever would be equivlent in a AMD Athlon Motherboard, if I went with AMD. I was looking at the P-4 2.66 533/512K procesors, and ran across these P-4 2.6 GHz 512K Northwood CPUs, what is the difference in these, I've got confused again about the Northwood, and the Reg. P-4 procesors. Can anyone sheid some light on this, whitch one would be better for a little overclocking. Thanks, Ron (FiveO)
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Postby sunnyotown » Thu Feb 27, 2003 9:38 pm

when buying P4 cpu's, the biggest difference between them besides rated clock speed is the FSB. some of these chips are 400 FSB, and others are 533 FSB, which are faster. i think all the P4's rated at 2.53 AND ABOVE are all 533 FSB, but I could be mistaken. be careful with the P4 2.4 cpu, they sell two versions, one 400 FSB and another 533 FSB (P4 2.4B). for other differences, you can always visit www.intel.com as far as differences between AMD and Intel, can't help you there.

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