XFX MB-X58I-CH19 Motherboard Review

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XFX MB-X58I-CH19 Motherboard Review

Postby ollE » Tue Mar 03, 2009 11:30 am

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XFX X58i Help

Postby lucafett » Wed Mar 11, 2009 3:59 pm

Hello guys:

Since the day I booted my XFX X58i Mobo I have had problems making it post with more than 1 (2gb) dimm of tripple channel PC1333 (10600) Corsair XMS Memory. Here is what I've done in chronological order, just to try and see if any of you are kind enough to help some of the people with this same problem who have posted here:

Proc : Intel Core I7 920 2.66ghz.
Memory : 3 x 2gb dimms (PC 1333) Corsair XMS.
HD : Seagate Barracuda.
Video Card : Nvidia GeForce GTX 260 (896 mb) PCI-E.
PSU : Agiler 750W ATX Power Supply.

1 - Assembled PC, Installed all components, installed 3 x 2gb dimms on GREEN slots, as stated in mobo documentation.
Result: Would not boot, stuck at code 88 on onboard LED.
2- Removed 3 x 2gb dimms and installed 3 x 2gb dimms on BLACK slots.
Result: Computer booted, posted, went into BIOS to set date / time; exited BIOS, reset, computer would not post again, stuck at step D4 on onboard LED.
3- Reset CMOS, reset BIOS, attempted boot.
Result: No post or boot.
4- Checked cables, connections, etc.
Result: No post or boot.
5- Removed 1 x 2gb dimm, set the other two on black slots, in dimm slots 2 and 4.
Result: Computer posted and booted, went into BIOS to set date / time; exited BIOS, reset, computer would not post again, stuck at step D4 on onboard LED.
6- Reset CMOS, reset BIOS, attempted boot.
Result: No post or boot.
7- Removed another 2gb dimm, leaving the system with 1 x 2gb dimm on the #2 slot.
Result: Computer posted and booted, went into BIOS, set date / time, reset, installed Windows XP Pro SP3 (I hate Vista), installed drivers, antivirus, software for video card, etc.
8 - Tried looking for an upgrade to BIOS but could not find one on the official XFX site, read mentions of an upgrade on OC forums.
9 - Read guide to OC Intel Core I7 920, and attempted a slight increase on QPI speed through BIOS, took it from 133 to 140.
Result: Computer would not post or boot.
10- Read about setting manual memory voltage, looked up the corsair memory voltage needs, set it like so in BIOS (1.5v) and attempted to boot with 3 and 2 dimms installed.
Result: Computer would not post or boot.
11 - Reset CMOS, BIOS, reset date / time.
Result: Computer Working with 2gb of ram and very stable.
12- Tried each of the memory sticks individually to scratch off bad ram, and they all worked on their own.

Now the problem seems to be that any measure of memory beyond 2gb hangs the post sequence at D4, which is a check of the 540kb of memory or something like that. I have not been able to boot with more than 1 dimm installed. The OC attempt was to see how much of a slight change the mobo would stably allow, which is NONE.

What really vexes me is the fact that the board booted with 6gb installed once, and then with 4gb too, so the randomness leads me to believe im facing a SOFTWARE problem on the BIOS end. Also, finding any sort of information online is a great hassle, and the documents available at XFX are mediocre at best. The Support Tickets posted at their site take long to be addressed.

To be honest, I dont see how much of a problem it can be to address this issue, but if XFX does not address it soon I see a lot of Returns going their way, and possibly a future Class Action Suit because of misleading specifications regarding this product, which is stated to support up to 12gb of RAM. Its sad that those of us who went out on a limb to purchase this cutting edge technology will not get to fully enjoy it but by the time the prices for it have gone down.

I beg anyone out there who has found a solution to this to post it here, it is killing my office designer to be without a computer, and business is losing money to it. (I live in Venezuela, purchased the card in Miami and took it back with me, so returning it, for me, is a great hassle).

Another thing entirely is that I've read posts (like this one) where people have been able to successfully overclock this board... However none of these posts have a guide to which actual features to enable/disable or what settings to tweak, which I would really appreciate. Like, any time I've tried playing around with the voltages, the qpi, memory frequencies or anything else, the board fails to boot.

Thanks for any help.
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xfx x58i

Postby db402 » Mon Apr 27, 2009 12:26 pm

Just read your comment. I have had a very similar experience.

I have had my system up and running for about one month without problems: Xfx x58i i7-920 cpu 6gb of corsair ddr3.

Today I turn it on and it gets stuck at point d4 on the onboard led. I have now tried removing one momery mondule and it is currently working with 4gb (thanks to your advice). I have not changed anything in the Bios with the exception of setting the CPU fan max temp setting to 60 instead of 55(which I assume is unrelated).

I agree that it sounds like a software problem, but I cannot find any evidence on the web that a bios update will work. I am reluctant to risk reflashing the bios because of the hassle and risks associated with it, unless there is evidence that it will work.

Have you managed to sort this problem out? If you are having problems I suggest we round up as many people as we can and threaten class action against them as you mentioned. This problem has clearly been around for a while and XFX clearly have no interest in sorting it out as I cannot find any mention of it on their webpage.


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Postby lucafett » Tue Apr 28, 2009 8:29 am

Hey bud... Well, after much work and no results I RMA'd the board. They sent a new one to me in Venezuela (which actually impressed me quite a bit) with no cost. The mobo's sitting in a box, havent taken it out yet, thinking of selling it or using it for a new office PC. As to the results from the last (defective) motherboard, I can tell you that the BIOS flash worked, and it did enhance the BIOS in some ways, but none that were meaningful toward solving the D4 issue when more than 1 stick of ram is put in the system. My advice is RMA it and hope you dont get a second dud.

Thanks for the reply and sorry for the delay in mine... had all but given up on the thing till I got the new one, and I hope I dont have to go through it again.

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Postby db402 » Tue Apr 28, 2009 9:19 am

I wonder if it is a specific problems with this particular RAM mobo combination. I notice we are using the exact same. Although its strange that it worked for about a month with me and then stopped without any obvious explanantion. I'm also managing with 4GB currently, although XP 32 bit only detects up 3.49- Hmmmm I though XP32 could address up to 4 GB.

I've noticed that my bios automically detects the RAM as 1066 mHz whereas it should be 1333 - Did you notice the same and did you try and change it?

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Yeah about the Ram Freq.

Postby lucafett » Wed May 13, 2009 9:39 pm

Well, no matter how fast your ram is on this board, with the original config on the BIOS it will always read it at 1066... Mine was 1333, I read about someone actually tweaking qpi settings to lowest and setting the CPU Freq to 166, meaning that (on the new architecture) that would set the ram to 1333. However, when I tried this on the dud board it would not boot. I got mine working with 4gb of ram only for a couple of days, then I had to take another stick out and make due with 1. The board still sits in the box, havent figured out what I want to do, but just remembering the whole experience makes me want to sell it. It would be very unfortunate to install the board and find its another dud, and having to do a second RMA.

Good luck, and again sorry for the late reply.

BTW I used my board with Windows Vista 64, so I could take advantage of the whole 6gb of ram. Vista's going the way of the Dodo with Windows 7, but I still have it in my new system with my MSI board and it works like a charm. I dont think XP64 can handle more than 4gb.
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XFX X58i Motherboard

Postby madmatty999 » Sun Aug 09, 2009 4:00 pm

Hi guys I feel your pain about the RAM problem I really do. Let me start in the begining. I brought a 790i Ultra Motherboard back in March and I also brought OCZ SLI 2048MB PC16000 DDR3 2000MHz Memory (2 x 1024MB)

This MB was supposed to run this memory at the spec speed from the tigerdirect website in the black slots. I was even led to believe that the system would run two kits of this memory on the MB. XFX took three months but then turned round and said that it will never be possible to run the two kits only the one kit.

I tried everything to get just one kit to work Bios update, went to OCZ website, XFX website, I even found a post which had the screen shots of the BIOS with the memory speeds set correctly and all the settings, plus they claimed that the system was stable in windows XP.

My problem with the system once the memory was set was that it would wipe the SATA drive once the settings were put into the BIOS. I used Symantec system state recovery to re-image the system each time to save me reloading the whole system.

I was able to find a way to keep the system stable and that was to over clock the processor and then make the changes to the memory and this kept my system stable (WTF?..). I ran OCCT and a few other apps to check the system wouldnt crash and it was stable. This worked ok for about month (MAY) then one day the system just crashed and the MB wouldnt come back on.

I got a RMA and replaced the MB and once I put all the componets back in the MB it worked ok (it was the MB). But this time to get the system stable with the correct memory settings I would have to update the BIOS again to the latest version before I could over clock it again.

I tried to update the BIOS and using the ISO image on boot CD not through windows, the same as I had before and this time the MB didnt boot. I cried... I got a replacement BIOS chip from the reseller a day later and put it into the MB and still it didnt boot. I cried again...WHY DONT you have dual BIOS on this MB you cheap CU£TS.

I have now been told that this MB after 8 months is no longer made and a RMA cannot be carried out as there are no more of this MB's is in stock at the reseller. I have been told that I will be given a x58i instead. This on the face of sounds like a good deal, only I have to now sell my Q9550 at a loss and buy a i7.

My point as I'm sorry to say their isnt a fix in here to your memory problem in this post is this. XFX are crap, I have had more support and contact from the reseller than XFX. I want to see if I can get the memoy to work in the new MB. I was about to buy a x3kit (mug I dont learn) until I read your posts. I will keep you posted as I should have the new system up and running in a weeks time.

Also I have been using XP 64bit and it can show up to 128GB of memory, I know its not possible with our PC's. It uses the same platform as Server 2003 which is used for large database server etc. I wasnt able to find it on the Microsoft site but a quick read below will explain ( found on wikipedia).

I have found it to be stable and it doesnt use lots of memory just sitting there like VISTA. This will do until windows 7 64 bit becomes stable and I am proved it works and its supported.


The primary benefit of moving to 64-bit is the increase in the maximum allocatable system memory (RAM). A single process on a 32-bit Windows operating system is limited to a total of 3.25 gigabytes. Windows XP x64 can support much more memory; although the theoretical memory limit a 64-bit computer can address is about 16 exabytes, Windows XP x64 is limited to 128 GB of physical memory and 8 terabytes of virtual memory per process.

64-bit processors calculate particular tasks (such as factorials of large figures) faster than working in 32-bit environments (given example is derived from comparison between 32-bit and 64-bit calculator, noticeable for factorial of say 100,000). This gives a general feeling of theoretical possibilities of 64-bit optimized applications.

Windows XP Professional x64 Edition and Windows XP 64-bit Edition Version 2003 are the only releases of Windows XP to include Internet Information Services 6.0, which matches the version shipped with Windows Server 2003; other versions of XP include 5.1.

64-bit versions of Windows XP are also immune to certain types of viruses and malware that target 32-bit systems, since most system files are 64-bit. Spyware and other malware may still run on both 32-bit and 64-bit.

The extra registers of the x86-64 architecture can result in performance improvements in certain kinds of applications.
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