Palit 9800GT Super+ 1GB SLI Video Card Review

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Palit 9800GT Super+ 1GB SLI Video Card Review

Postby ollE » Mon Sep 01, 2008 9:29 pm

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Postby ATrebeau » Tue Sep 02, 2008 5:57 pm

I reviewed Palit's line of vid cards via end'user reviews at the egg awhile back and was impressed with their line and pricing. And if I remember correctly, their cooling seemed to be a stepup from most...hope I'm remembering that right.

Glad you reviewed this particular version of a 9800GT, Ben. Even though I have not used a dual'slot solution, it was my goal to get a discrete with it. But...only if it was effective. On most lines of cards, dual'slot design seemed to fall short; ie, either the cooler's actual output method was good but it lacked critical cooling of memory or components were well intact with the heatsink but outputting the exhaust was poor. The only dual'slot card I was impressed with so far was the Akimbo version of the EVGA 8800GT. The only reason I didn't bite at it during the sales at the egg last week was because I really would like a card from the 55nm process line such as the 9800GT. you present this Palit and of course, it's 55nm and has the option of Hybrid Power, if I so desired to upgrade to Vista. Your performance results impressed me. I realize I'm not on the same gaming level as many at the forum and will probably always be a monogamous card guy and share my love with only one discrete at a time (lol), but I guess that is why I am keeping an eye out for "the" single card that will meet my needs.

The only thing that I felt was lacking in the card review was comment on temps and fan noise. I might have missed it, if you had. I don't need a decible reading...just a comment on how quiet or loud it is from a subjective point of view, maybe even comparing it to a common card like the 8800GT; ie, some sort of comparison.

I am confused by this statement:

The GeForce 9800GT uses a modified version of the G92 chip that was first introduced with the GeForce 8800GT cards last year. This chip has 112 SPs, 16 ROPs and was highly successful. NVIDIA uses the codename G92b for the 9800GT chip. They say they will move this chip to the 55 nanometer process in the near future with this chip.

I was under the impression that ONLY the 55nm process 9800GT's were Hybrid Power enabled, no matter the manufacturer. Am I misreading something? Just as in we are seeing 55nm process 9600GT's overseas being Hybrid Power enabled. Under Galaxy name, one is being marketed by H.I.S. Radeon in the US.

Finally, and I've been dying to request it possible to do a Hybrid Power enabled test for the forum and website? The only reason I do not already have a 55nm 9800GT at this point is I could not find any reliable or really, any reviews on the Hybrid Power feature being I think and it was not a good review or done by a trusted site like And not just on the performance side of things but on ease of using with Vista and the different options in setting up; ie, mGPU output to one source, dGPU to another, etc. Nvidia is not even following through on this technology and they came up with it! Not a slam, I'm a big Nvidia fan, obviously...just really wanted the tech and can't find follow'through on it.

I realize I am more of an average needs sort of pc user when it comes to certain levels of tech but with Nvidia planning on incooperating Hybrid Power into more and more cards, it would be beneficial to have at least one review/look at it now before the revised card line fully becomes available.

Okay, I'm done, lol. Sorry, didn't mean to rant and rave there, ha!

THANKS for the Palit review, Ben...glad I clicked on the link. And if I misquoted, missed something, or misunderstood a point, my apologies.

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