November Contest Sponsored by XFX

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November Contest Sponsored by XFX

Post by slugbug »

I didn't see this posted yet so I thought I may as well post it :)

Contest runs November 6 - December 6 2007.

Two winners will be chosen at random.

Each winner will recieve an XFX nForce 630i / GeForce 7150 w/ HDMI Motherboard Motherboard.

Enter Here:
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Post by tedybear »

Cool Beans. One more entered.


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Post by HigHTecHReDNecK »

sweet prize , color me in,,,,,,
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Post by kokalo »


Is this the official "post here if you want to enter" thread or...?

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Post by werty316 »

Nope, all you need to do is click on the link in the first post and fill out the entry form
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Post by Ryn »

I'm in :D
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Post by sbrehm72255 »

I thought there was already a thread somewhere, but guess not, but now there is................. :P
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Post by Tyron »

I entered.

Now to see if Doc creates another thread for the contest eligibility.
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Post by snakebite66 »

I entered...worth a stab...
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Post by profofpcs »

i can honestly use an upgrade. thanks for this one.


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