October Contest Winners Announced

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October Contest Winners Announced

Post by Doc Overclock »

Yes my friends, another month and another giveaway this time from our pals over at COOLit, Thanks Matt!!

There are six items and two winners this round, each will receive three of the prizes...

Item 1 Memory Cooling Fan
Item 2 PCI Booster Fan
Item 3 USB Beverage Cooler

Free T-Shirts for both......

Enter to win here: http://www.motherboards.org/contest.html

Good Luck To everyone
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Post by profofpcs »

im in.

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Post by tedybear »

Dittos...but I think lightning won't strike twice LOL.

Have a great day all!

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Post by =CDU=Above »

I'll give it another try.
Thanks for the chance.

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Post by kokalo »

OK, here goes!

Thanks Doc!

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Post by ~Rob »

So if I enter can I win? Or is my englishness a disadvantage?
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Post by Snowfire »

Tono Sien

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Post by hunter1801 »

Crossing my fingers
Edit: What happened to the August contest?
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Post by Wolfy1220 »

im in
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Post by slugbug »

Count me in too please.
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