My AGP slot type..

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My AGP slot type..

Postby Karlsweldt » Tue Feb 28, 2006 8:50 am

There are many types of slot configuration for the AGP card. Some are now obsolete, as well as the cards used. Here is a photo of the different slot types..
The AGP cards use a 3.3 volt, 1.5 volt or even a .8 volt source. Some can fit in the "universal" slot, but may not work... and even damage your mobo. For reference, the 1x AGP is a standard 66 Mhz bus speed, with only one data pulse per clock cycle. For the 2x, it is two data pulses per clock cycle. For 4x, four pulses per clock cycle.. and for 8x, yes.. 8 pulses per clock cycle. Effectively, the data is accelerated on the bus for faster transmission of the video instructions so the card can render the data decoded by the CPU.
AGP bus speeds are stanardized as:
1x: 32 bit, 66 Mhz, 1 data bit per clock cycle, 266 Mhz effective bandwidth (Mega-Bytes per second).
2x: 32 bit, 66 Mhz, 2 data bits per clock cycle, 533 Mhz effective bandwidth.
4x: 32 bit, 66 Mhz, 4 data bits per clock cycle, 1,066 Mhz effective bandwidth.
8x: 32 bit, 66 Mhz, 8 data bits per clock cycle, 2,133 Mhz effective bandwidth

Here is some more info for reference..

Edit: Here is another good link for info on slot types and standards..
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