my computer wont boot

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my computer wont boot

Postby ajrox » Thu Jan 19, 2006 4:45 am

the typical chain of events for a non booting PC {for me at least}
1}be sure all cables or connected on the back of the case.
2}be sure the power cord is plugged in the wall socket.
3}pop the case apart and give it a good cleaning. gives you a chance to "eye ball" any physical issues.
4)try a minimal boot. disconnect everything except the CPU {fan and heatsink too}, memory, video.
5}if it didnt post, pop out the memory and see if it will spit out a memory error code. this veries, but if it beeps at you, memory is probably the culprit.
6}if it posts then plug in the other componants one at a time untill you find the problem child. remember, the more hardware you plug into the system, the more load youll put on the power supply. so dont rule that out. lots of us here have seen this problem arise.

if you cant get the PC to do a minimal post. take the CPU, memory and powersupply down to your local PC shop. they should test them for free. these three componants are reletively easy to remove from the case. if they test good, probably the motherboard.

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