XFX nForce 750a -- HDMI/DVI/SPDIF coax

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XFX nForce 750a -- HDMI/DVI/SPDIF coax

Postby juka » Mon Aug 11, 2008 4:51 am

This mobo has both DVI and HDMI connectors.

I want to have 2 displays plugged in, but not use both at the same time (NOT dual monitor) - HDMI to a 1080p projector, and DVI to a 1600x1050 monitor.
By setting the BIOS HDMI/DVI to "Auto", on bootup, if both are physically hooked up, will it auto detect and use the connector of the device that's turned on? Or will I have to unplug it?

VICTOR says "you can always switch between the two display using nvidia's control panel".

I'm also worried about HDMI handshaking: if both devices are on, will the difference in resolution cause any problems? Can this mobo support dual monitors at different resolutions?

Also, when using the HDMI for video, will I be able to direct the audio to the SPDIF coax connector, or will audio be forced onto the HDMI cable only?

Thanks so much,

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