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PostPosted: Tue Feb 20, 2007 12:01 pm 

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I just bought a pentium D 830 along with an ABIT SG-95 motherboard and 512mb of DD667 ram (one stick, plan to add another). Just wondering if anyone can help me with the settings I can use to acheive a healthy, (but not too crazy) overclock on my memory and cpu. I am familiar with BIOS settings, I just don't know how to keep all those numbers working in balance. Any suggestions on what to change my settings to?

Also, can anyone recommend a program (besides mobo monitor) that I can use to monitor my cpu temps (I know how to view it in the BIOS, just want to view it in windows) Thank you

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 21, 2007 11:33 am 
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Black Belt 1st Degree

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first, if you have it, lock the PCI / AGP / PCI-E bus in the BIOS. this will ensure any devices you have plugged in, wont hold you back in your over clock. works the same for onboard devices as well.
if you have the ability to lock the memory bus, you might do that first so you can see just what the CPU will do, but it isnt neccesary. i did that and got my overclock from the stock 200mhz FSB to 290mhz FSB. i can get to about 245mhz or so if i unlock the memory bus.
so after you have done that, up the FSB at increments of say 3 to 5 mhz at a time. i would do it in the BIOS only at first untill it locksd up at the post. then back it off 5 or 10mhz and boot into windows. run prime95 or someother type test to look for lockups.
i didnt have to fool around with the core voltage of the CPU. you can increase that a little, i mean A LITTLE, to get a stable over clock at higher speeds. same goes for the memory if it is holding you back.
others will have more direction but this has worked for me.
oh, you better keep a carefull eye on your temps as well. that will also create instability in your over clock. your best bet on cooling, bring a cool source from out side the case and get it directly on the CPU heatsink and fan.
so basically it goes like this:
1) lock the PCI / AGP / PCI-E buses.
2) lock the memory bus.
3) write down your current case / CPU temps.
4) over clock the front side bus at 3 to 5 mhz increments untill the BIOS locks or acts goofy. you'll know when it happens. also, there should be a way to push a key on the keyboard to bring things back to stock if the overclock fails. other wise jump the CMOS jumper or pop out the motherboard battery.
5) after you have found your high point, try upping the core voltage of the CPU a little to see if it will go farther.
6) back it off 5 or 10 mhz and boot into windows for testing and benchmarking.
7) get back into the BIOS and clock it back to stock.
8 ) unlock the memory bus if you locked it.
9) now start over with your over clock at 3 to 5 mhz at a time. once the POST / BIOS locks up or acts funny, try increasing the core voltage of the memory a little.
10) now try clocking it over a little more. once you get to the high point, back it off 5 or 10 mhz and boot into windows for testing / benchmarking.
11) check the results of the benchmarks between the CPU only overclock and the CPU + memory overclock.
12) stick with the overclock that gives the best benchmark. you would be surprized to see how someguy has this blazing overclock of demonic speeds, yet he never post a benchmark result. the reason, the super over clock is flooding the buses with errors and corruption. that is why it is very important to benchmark both stock and over clocked speeds. you just may find that the PC runs waaaaay better with a mid over clock than it does when pushed to its limits.
good luck

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