new overclocking system with pentium d 805

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new overclocking system with pentium d 805

Postby shaftymcnasty » Thu Feb 15, 2007 4:01 am

This is my new setup I am getting with tax money this year:

Case: ... 6811147037

CPU: ... 6819116249

Mobo: ... 6813188010

Video: ... 6814150202

Power Supply: ... 6817812004

RAM: ... 6820134125

Hard Drive: ... 6822135106

CPU Cooling: ... 6835118019

I am hoping to get at least 3.8GHz on this thing with good RAM settings and hoping the power supply will be enough to power it. I will be using a Dell 22" flat CRT monitor and a dvd burner that I am getting from my brother and hoping to get another of the same graphics cards in the future to use the SLI on the board. Any suggestions would be helpful and as always thanks for the help in advance.
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