OPTY 165 dual core

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OPTY 165 dual core

Postby ajrox » Tue Jul 04, 2006 7:16 am

well, i dont see much on them here so i thought i would post my results.

opteron 165 Dual-Core @ 2.6ghz
2gb giel ultra 2-3-3-4 PC 4000 {2X1gb sticks}
ASUS A8V AI mobo w/AGP
dual 80gb maxtor SATA raid 0 {OS partition}
200gb seagate IDE {storage partition}
EVGA CO Super clocked 6800gs {unlocked with riva tunner}
ThermalTake CPU cooler, air
cooler master server tower case. {the front USB ports are cheesey as hell but nothin a little apoxy cant fix}
4 intake fans {3X80mm 1X120mm}
2 exhaust fans {2X120 mm }
520watt antec PSU

CPU temp @ 40 Celsius {104 F*} full load
mobo temp @ 23 Celsius {73 F*} full load
BTW, these temps are on air. no moddifications on the cooling except for the thermaltake monster that is cooling the OPTY.
the PC isnt really that loud. the fans do humm just a bit, BUT, i would take the noise over heat issues any day.

as for the over clocking, i just kept "upping the FSB". i got to about 220 and it just crapped out. then i found a setting in the BIOS that actually locks all the other buses, even the memory bus i am guessing. im not sure on this point though as i have since replaced the memory in my sig with giel ultra and got a bit more out of the OC. so who knows for sure. so with that said, i have the FSB running @ 290mhz. pretty astounding if you ask me.
290 X 9 = 2610mhz
i do not allways OC it like that. i still feel a little uncomfortable with it like that. especially with me NOT at home. i do OC it occassionally when im gamming or working on to many things at one time. or just because i have never owned an over clocker like this. except the old celleron 300A us old timers remember. i had mine @ 472mhz with a vodoo 3000 and 256mb mem. that PC screamed back n the day. any way, i like the ASUS board and the opteron CPU i purchased. i would recommend my build to any one!!! although, youll want the SLI version fo sho! i was just broke as a joke is all, so i was on the almighty budget.
i do have an ASUS A8N SLI board, just dont have the video cards to go in it yet. ill post more results when i get it runnin!!!

the things that i recognized for a good over clock:
1}the CPU. start with a good one and you'll get good results.
2}the memory. once again, good memory = good results.
3}the main thing that really helps, the PSU. i had a crappy red china special that just couldnt cut it. got the antec and KAPOW, OC madness.

hope everyone else can grab these while they are around. i know Newegg blows these out. i got mine for 205$ on a one day sale.
anyway, WOOOOHOOOO and keep burnin down the CPU's!!!!!
coming soon to an over clockers dream near you:
EVGA 790i tri SLI
intel core2 quad 9550
6gb G.SKILL DDR3 16000
3X EVGA 8800gts video cards
water cooled fo sho
the rest when i get paid
PS... im gonna break 4ghz easily....
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