My 533MHz mobo seems to be stuck @ 133 MHz - why?

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My 533MHz mobo seems to be stuck @ 133 MHz - why?

Postby zenestra » Mon May 15, 2006 3:03 pm

Hello everybody.

I recently purchased an ECS RS400-A motherboard and a 2.8GHz Celeron D (336) with 256kb cache. Why is my computer running no faster than the 3 year-old AMD CPU 2800+ (BARTON) it replaced? I am slowly building up the components of my new system. At the moment, the graphics card is a 3 year-old Radeon 9200, the memory is 1GB DDR @ 166MHz and the drives are PATA IDE drives (all from my previous system). When I access the bios, and try to change it from 133MHz to anything else, it reverts back to 133MHz.

Methinks I should have stuck with the old system 'till there was a bit more cash in the juvenile feline. If anyone can assist, I would be grateful for any pointers and/or solutions.

Kindest regards

Kris (fifty bucks never killed anybody...)

Postby aussiejunior » Mon May 15, 2006 11:04 pm

well a good starting point would be the fact that a cellie is basically a cut down version pf the p4 core... And the amd cpu it's replacing would be a better one to keep due to the fact that amd is know to run faster then some p4's and it certainly should be faster then the cellie u brought..
What speed is the memory suposed to be??? And how old? Coz if it's reverting to 133mhz then it's most likley only ddr 266... If you brought a new motherboard that supports higher ram speeds and the ram u have is only 266 then it won't run any faster as they have set speeds from factory and it's the ram that dictates how fast it runs usually and not the motherboard unless the motherboard only supports slower speed ram like ddr 333 or some such
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Postby Sabrewings » Mon May 15, 2006 11:17 pm

Intel's FSB is quad pumped. It uses four data points per cycle, so you multiply the acutal clock rate (133mhz in this case) by four to get the effective clock rate (533mhz).

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