Speed ceiling?

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Speed ceiling?

Postby chieftex » Thu May 04, 2006 8:06 am

Trying to overclock an opteron. Machine in my sig.

Got the ram to go up to 260mhz before errors.
Fsb can go up to 380mhz (x3 HTT)

cpu seems to be the issue, but i think im missing something. Can get it to around 2600mhz before i have issues, but that is with the stock multiplier (x10) and stock voltage.

Should I be expecting more mhz out of it if i drop the multiplier to, say, x9?
How about upping the voltage? as I understand it, the default is 1.4v...

*EDIT* Im missing an important point here - does increasing the voltage do so for the just the cpu, or for all components on the mobo (or what)?
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