6800 Unlocking/Overclocking Experiences

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hunter1801 wrote:Wait what?! I cant OC a PCI E vid card?
you can just not unlock any pipelines
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Post by ajrox »

got an EVGA 6800GS AGP 256mb DDR3.
stock specs:
400mhz core
1100mhz mem
12 pipes
5 vertex shaders

unlocking and overclocking specs
413mhz core
1200mhz mem
16 pipes
6 vertex shaders

not bad for just over 200$ shipped to my door. cool thing is, i had no idea i was getting a card that could be unlocked. i mean i didnt buy it for that. got it just cuzz it was cheap a 6800. looked around, saw this sticky, opened riva tuner, unlocked it.
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Post by zachig »

Is this stickey thread is just for 6800 video cards (non-GT/GS) or does it include tips/explanations on how to overclock a 6800GS as well?
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Sorry I started a new thread and should have just posted it here. If a mod would be so kind as to delete it, i'll just repost here.

My 6800XT in RivaTuner shows 4 masked pipelines and I think 2 shaders but when I try to enable them and reboot, it doesnt change. Ive read on different sites that the pipes cant be activated on the XT but then again, reading sabres posts, Im wondering if I would have to flash the bios or do a batch file or something?
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