Gigabyte 7DXR+ and new hard drive - First install by newbie

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Gigabyte 7DXR+ and new hard drive - First install by newbie

Postby Cas141 » Wed May 15, 2002 1:40 pm

Doc- As someone who has kindly helped me in the past, can you please check my thinking here as to what I should do to install a mobo and HD for the first time. I have written what I think I should do, but there are probably vital omissions and errors. This is the final stage of much deliberation and planning ( and for an old man - daring :), and i don't want to cock it up now !

I am about to install a new motherboard and a new hard drive together for the FIRST time, and I would like some advice on the assumption that i know very littlel!!
When I first build i have only the graphics card and no other peripherals attached, yes?
As I am using an Athlon 1800XP, I set the SW1 jumper to 133, yes?
I power up for the first time and it should start to post.
As I understand it , i press F2 or whatever to go into the bios, and there I make some settings.
What are the settings i should make please?
Having made them and exited bios, I then reboot with a Windows 98SE start up disk and F Disk etc and then format and then load Windows?
Having done that , is it at that stage that i then load these drivers
Chipset driver (North bridge) AMD 750/760 series driver
Chipset driver (South bridge) VIA 686 IDE/Filter driver
downloaded from Gigbyte website
Please comment and correct as necessary - Thank u
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Postby atang1 » Thu May 16, 2002 3:51 pm

From what you discribed, you have not read your manual yet?

Please download a manual on your motherboard and follow its contents page by page.

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