Mobo compatibility

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Mobo compatibility

Postby Crazycat ^..^ » Wed Jul 03, 2002 9:07 pm

I have overclocked my Athlon XP 1700+ from 1.47 ghz to 1.50. Using Sandra it says that my processor is an 1800+ running at 1.50 ghz. This is fine with me and I wouldn't mind going a little further but m motherboard manual (I have an MSI K7T266 Pro 2 motherboard) says it only supports up to 1800+ processors. Will i be able to go any furhter?
Crazycat ^..^
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Postby Toby B. » Thu Jul 04, 2002 6:06 pm

MSI K7T266 Pro2 (MS-6380 v2.0) is AMD Athlon XP™ 1900+ Processor Recommended Motherboard

Info Page: ... 66pro2.htm

So yes you can go further.....
Toby B.
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Postby Tolemac » Fri Jul 05, 2002 12:30 pm

Although it says that it will take the XP1900+ Toby, you forgot to mention that Crazycat ^..^ will need to update his BIOS in all probability so that the board will indeed go beyond the XP1800+.

Crazy, if your board has Live BIOS available, then use that to make sure you have the latest update. If it doesn't have it, then go here for the latest BIOS. :wink:
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